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15 St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

DIY rainbows, shamrocks, pots of gold and more St. Patrick's Day activities

Published on: March 06, 2017

rainbow collage1. Super scrap rainbow

Are you looking for a St. Patrick’s Day DIY project big enough to keep a dozen little paws busy? This rainbow collage from No Time for Flash Cards will certainly do the trick!

To make your own colorful collage, you'll need a variety of rainbow-colored scraps, a large “color-by-numbers” rainbow, and little helpers who are ready to sort and glue. The kiddos will learn the colors of the rainbow and you’ll have a masterpiece any Leprechaun would be happy to chase!

gold2. Lucky leprechaun’s gold

This tutorial for creating St. Patrick’s Day gold we dug up on Yesterday on Tuesday walks you through how to make a gorgeous and modern “pot o’ gold” so charming you’ll want to keep it on display all year round!

Starting with rocks spray-painted gold, use a stencil (made from the leftovers of a sheet of stickers!) to paint your “lucky” saying. Then, make another stencil out of contact paper for the shamrock shapes. Toss the heap in a green bowl, and you have a little bit of luck to last you through the holiday and beyond.

shamrocks3. Shamrock buddies

Self-proclaimed “craftaholic” Lila from Sweet and Lovely Crafts whipped up these handsome “Wee Little Shamrock Men” in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Made from toilet paper rolls, festive construction paper, and colored tape, putting them together couldn’t be any easier! We just love the googly eyes and accordion-folded arms -- so creative!

Your kids will love personalizing their own buddy with paints and cutout shapes -- they’ll probably even stick around long after the holiday is over.

mini pots of gold4. Mini pots o’ gold

Looking for the perfect little treat for a party favor or to hide around the house for your little Leprechauns to find? Check out these miniature pots o’ gold from Make and Takes.

Founder Marie LeBaron shows off just how easy these creative little St. Patrick's Day pots can be. Simply paint a few small terracotta pots black, shape colorful pipe cleaners into rainbows, and fill the pots with gold-wrapped candies. This sweet treasure is sure to lure your family to the end of the rainbow.

st patrick's day pin5. Pinch-free accessory

Don’t worry about digging through everything your kids own to find that perfect shade of St. Paddy’s green for them to wear. With this quick and easy DIY clover pin from Alphamom, they’ll be pinch-free!

Using two shades of green felt cut into clover shapes, Rachel Meeks creates darling accessories that the whole family can wear. Simply stitch the clover shapes together and add a barrette or safety pin to the back so you can easily attach it to clothes or shoes.

peas6. Split-pea shamrocks

Don't miss out on this great tutorial for split-pea shamrocks over at MADE! Author and pattern-maker Dana Willard offers up tips on creating these clever DIY clover-shaped vinyl pouches that are perfect for stuffing full of delicate split-peas.

The soft green color inspires a ton of festive ideas for these shamrocks -- decorate them for a party, make them into magnets or necklaces, or host your own shamrock-toss using a large kitchen pot as the “pot o’ gold.” Check out Dana’s full post to explore all of her fun ideas for these cool pouches and to download the pattern.

trainstation7. I spy a rainbow

We were so inspired by this creative take on a scavenger hunt from Tinkerlab. With the aim of teaching her daughter the colors of the rainbow, artistic mama Rachelle started a wonderful tradition of taking pictures of colorful objects in her neighborhood as her daughter spots the colors.

To go on your own rainbow walkabout, you’ll only need a camera and a walk to the park to build your own rainbow of images. Why not go for a St. Patrick’s Day stroll and use the pictures to make a rainbow collage featuring your neighborhood? Color-spotting has never been more fun!

footprints8. To catch a leprechaun

We can't get enough of the clever Leprechaun-luring techniques featured over at The Fickle Pickle. A perfect idea for a St. Patrick's Day family tradition, your tots will love setting up a creative trap with a trail of lucky treats to lure in those sneaky little fellows!

We love the idea of the Leprechauns leaving green footprints around the house and messing up the furniture a little (those pesky tricksters!). They also leave behind a bucket of green treats, turn things green around the house, and paint a “rainbow.” This is one household that is definitely having plenty of fun!

cupcakes9. Tasty rainbow

These rainbow cupcakes over at Running with Glitter are the perfect treat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! With basic white cake mix, food coloring, pre-made frosting, and sprinkles, you and your kiddos can whip up a batch while learning the order of the colors in the rainbow!

Check out the full post for a step-by-step guide for getting the layers and rainbow-rrific colors just right. (Leprechauns, use a mini-muffin tin for better results.)

lucky shamrock patch10. Lucky shamrock patch

We love this thoughtful idea from Lisa Storms for “growing” a shamrock patch full of the things your family feels lucky to have.

To get started, simply decorate a foam block with fringed paper grass and attach shamrock cutouts to a handful  of toothpicks. Then, have everyone write their “lucky” thoughts on the shamrocks to get ready to “plant.” Overall,  a great way to come together as a family while getting crafty with your little ones. Sounds like a new St. Patrick's Day family tradition in the making to us!

coins11. Bowled over for St. Paddy's Day

At first glance, we didn’t realize that these DIY Leprechaun hats from Paper, Plate, and Plane were made of reusable plastic containers (the snack-size versions are a perfect bowler shape!).

Once jazzed up with some green paint and a glittery black band, these treat-filled containers become the perfect hideaway for some lucky gold (chocolate) coins. They’ll work perfectly for St. Patrick’s Day party favors, or as a treat left behind by those mischief-loving Leprechauns.

hotel12. Hotel for leprechauns

With all the DIY rainbows and gold coins luring Leprechauns to your house this St. Patrick’s Day, those tired little guys are surely going to need a friendly place to kick up their tiny toes!

Needless to say, we love this crafty little St. Patrick's Day home featured on Inchmark.

To get started, you'll want to have cardboard boxes on hand, along with colorful markers, glitter, and scrap paper to make a hotel so cozy, you’ll have a hard time getting the little guys to leave!

hats13. The luck’s in the hat

We tip our hats to Christina over at Full House for her creative take on St. Patrick’s Day hats. With a full house of her own, Christina and her family created these upcycled hats from a few old food containers, decorative paper, and a bag full of trimmings.

Originally created as festive décor, Christina ended up with a whole collection of lucky toppers to go along with each family member’s personality. We love this “green” DIY idea!

pops14. Shamrock pops

No time to make cookies? These adorable marshmallows from The Decorated Cookie will satisfy your family’s sweet tooth and, we might add, they're the perfect treat for St. Patrick's Day!

To make your own at home, place a large marshmallow on a lollipop stick, submerge it quickly in a cup of water, and dip in sprinkles to coat. If you're feeling even more creative, simply use edible color markers to create your own St. Patrick’s Day designs directly on the mallows. Simple and sweet -- just the way we like our treats!

money15. Lucky dollars

These DIY St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks found over at Katherine Marie Photography look so easy to make and will surely brighten someone’s day.

Originally made for her 52 Smiles project that celebrates “out-of-the-ordinary kindness,” she left the doily shamrocks with crisp two dollar bills around her town on St. Patrick’s Day. The back reads: “If you find this, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! YES, it is real. YES, it is for you. ENJOY!” Now that’s one lucky shamrock!

This article was updated on March 6, 2017.

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