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19 Homemade Christmas Ornaments That Kids Can Make

Glitter, toilet paper rolls, cookie dough and more — these DIY ornaments will keep the kiddos busy all throughout the holidays

Published on: November 19, 2012

Homemade reindeer Christmas ornaments by DecoIdeas

Sonia of DecoIdeas features these adorable homemade mini reindeer — what a great holiday project that can be used throughout your home! Easily made using upcycled toilet paper tubes (that most versatile of crafting staples), these reindeer are as simple as trace, cut, and color. For the full scoop on how Sonia traced and cut out her shapes, be sure to check out the rest of the post.

Homemade gingerbread Christmas ornaments by Dandelions on the Wall

Mom Christina of Dandelions on the Wall offers up these DIY classic cinnamon cookie-cutter ornaments — and we absolutely love that they are both simple to create and durable enough to last throughout the years! Be sure to check out Christina’s full post for the entire recipe and walkthrough, and keep in mind, that though they may look good enough to eat straight off the tree, these festive cinnamon-scented ornaments are just for show!

Homemade Angry Birds Christmas ornaments by Obsessively Stitching

If you’ve got a mini Angry Birds lover at home, he’s sure to get a kick out of these sweet little ornaments featured on Obsessively Stitching. Easily made using dollar store ball ornaments and acrylic paint, these fun mini Angry Birds and grumpy pigs will most likely spend more time being played with than strung on the tree, but they’re sure to be an absolute hit overall! Check out the rest of Mom Caroline’s tutorial to see how she went about painting their faces.

Homemade paper Christmas ornaments by Paper, Plate, and Plane

At first glance, you may think that there are foam balls hiding under the festive paper included in Jeromina of Paper, Plate, and Plane’s cool ornaments, but that is not the case! These colorful holiday orbs are simply made using rolled paper, ribbon, tape, and glue. Check out her helpful tutorial for dimensions when first getting the ball rolling, and if you’re impressed with this neat idea, be sure to click through to her other post on creating a rolled paper chess set. Not your average genius!

Homemade paper Christmas ornaments by Michelle Made Me

Crafty Mom Michelle shares this gorgeous heart house ornament on her blog Michelle Made Me — and we love that this little home can be made with simple materials found around the house! To make your own, you’ll want to have old Christmas cards or a Kleenex box on hand (Michelle recommends going with vintage cards vs. tissue cardboard), along with craft glue, beads (if wanted), and string. Much of this project consists of tracing and cutting out twelve identical shapes, before flattening them all together and stringing them up on the tree. The best part: this ornament can be made with a variety of shapes and objects — hearts, snowflakes, decorated orbs, and beyond!

Homemade glitter Christmas ornaments by Dobleufa

Love glitter as much as we do? Take inspiration from Dobleufa and create these lovely Christmas glitter balls for this year’s holiday tree! Made using foam balls, Mod Podge, safety pins and oodles of glittery goodness, these stylish ornaments are super-easy for small hands to help create, and they’re sure to add an extra pop of shimmer and shine to your holiday season.

Homemade glitter Christmas ornaments by Blog a la Cart

And on the subject of glittery DIY goods, these sweet paper towel stars featured on Blog a la Cart are also sure to add some sparkle to your family’s tree this year. Simply save some toilet paper or paper towel rolls, glue them into star formations, slather on a coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle the glitter until your stars are fully covered. All in all, an easy way to transform upcycled items found around the house into gorgeous festive decorations!

Homemade sprinkle Christmas ornaments by Little Gray Fox

Seattle-area crafter Tsuki of Little Gray Fox presents these gorgeous DIY Christmas ornaments — check out those bright and beautiful colors! Made by adding a little bit of varnish to the inside and then pouring sprinkles in to coat, this bold bauble is sure to lend some colorful personality to this year’s holiday tree. For more info on getting started and to see two other of Katie’s cool ideas, click on over to the full post.

Homemade orange slice Christmas ornaments by Cook Quilt Make Bake

Cook Quilt Make and Bake includes these dried orange slice ornaments as a beautiful au natural option that packs a pleasing citrus scent throughout the holidays! And the best part: Crafty couple Sam and Phil note that for about 20 ornaments, this project only cost them  $5. (Gotta love that!) To make your own, simply slice up one to two large oranges, sprinkle on some powdered sugar for a candied stained glass look, and cook them on low in the oven for about two to three hours to dehydrate them. Enjoy this fun and fragrant holiday project everyone can help make!

Homemade rosemary Christmas wreath ornaments by The Cheese Thief

Another fun idea for using natural ingredients found around your home, these mini rosemary wreaths featured on The Cheese Thief are absolutely perfect for quick and easy Christmas tree ornaments, wrapping paper decorations, and beyond (and we have no doubt that they smell pretty darn fantastic, too). Check out the full post for the complete tutorial — the options are truly endless when it comes to all of the ways that you can decorate these gorgeous mini wreaths!

Homemade chandelier Christmas ornaments by Home Sweet Homemade

Recycled art lover Diane of Home Sweet Homemade fame shares these adorable mini chandeliers — a unique idea for jazzing up this year’s Christmas tree, non? To get started, you’ll want to have some wire, string, and beads or buttons on hand. Check out the rest of Diane’s process in the full post for more info — and to see her ingenious workaround for manipulating the wire without using any tools.

Homemade Christmas ornaments by Elsie Marley

Looking to reuse those leftover materials piling up on the craft table? Consider making these quick and easy paper ornaments featured on Elsie Marley. Though Elsie made hers with some free Martha Stewart paint samples from the hardware store, she also recommends using leftover Christmas cards from years past or colorful cardstock. Your kids will love reconstructing classic holiday icons such as Frosty and Christmas trees from simple shapes, and all that’s needed is a zip through the sewing machine to finish them off before hanging.

Homemade Christmas ornaments by Creative in Chicago

Creative in Chicago shows off these gorgeous polka-dot Christmas ornaments. You will not believe how incredibly easy they are to create! To make your own, pick up a pack of glass ornaments from your local craft store and get to work applying plenty of colorful spots. Perfect for your family’s Christmas tree or even as inexpensive holiday gifts, these neat DIY orbs are a fantastic craft project for young kids to help create.

Homemade salt dough Christmas ornaments by Design Editor

Many of us have fond memories of making salt dough ornaments as kids, and that’s exactly why we can’t get enough of Design Editor’s modern touch on these classic homemade ornaments. With a quick and easy recipe of flour, salt, and water, Mom Catherine used a variety of letter and number stamps to personalize the ornaments before setting them out to dry overnight. We think these would also make great holiday gift tags!

Homemade Christmas tree topper by All Things Paper

In need of a quick and easy Christmas tree topper? Don’t miss out on All Things Paper’s sweet and shiny gold TP roll star! Much like the glitter toilet paper roll flowers featured earlier, this festive star is constructed using four cardboard tubes cut into segments, with an overall shimmering coat of gold paint. To see the exact dimensions needed to create a star similar, check out the rest of the complete tutorial.

Homemade Christmas ornaments by Modern Vintage Jewelry

We all need a little more Frosty! These sweet little snowmen featured on Modern Vintage Jewelry are sure to do just the trick! Made using peanuts, white paint, puff paints, yarn, and screw eyes for hanging, these adorable little fellows provide a personalized look for the holidays that your little ones are sure to love. We must admit, our favorite is the one with the cool shades!

Homemade Christmas bird-feeder ornaments by Kate's Creative Space

Looking to treat your favorite neighborhood birdies to some Christmas treats this year? These lovely bird-feeder ornaments featured on Kate’s Creative Space are perfect for just that, and they’re darn cute to boot! Mom Katie admits that though this project may be a bit messy, it’s also one of the most fun, as well as “incredibly simple, gratifyingly mushy, and very forgiving.” Check out the rest of Katie’s full post for her recipe to get started. She also notes that even the most haphazard of amateur cooks can manage these edible ornaments… A major plus for the younger sous-chefs in your home!

Homemade paper Christmas ornaments by How About Orange

Jessica of How About Orange always has the best ideas when it comes to paper ornaments, and these quick homemade paper flowers definitely don’t disappoint! Made using colorful cheap computer paper, the flowers only require a bit of folding, a staple, tape, and invisible thread for hanging. Check out the rest of her pictorial for the full rundown when getting started.

Homemade glitter snowflake Christmas ornament by AlphaMom

Got pipe cleaners, beads, and scissors on hand? Round up you favorite young crafters and get to work on creating these easy homemade snowflakes featured on AlphaMom. Perfect for small hands (though you’ll want to be careful with the beads), these fun ornaments are inexpensive to make and offer a great introduction to making ornaments with tots. Plus, they’ll look fabulous on your tree throughout the holidays — a winner of a project by all measures!

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