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20 Valentine's Day Treats for Kids and Families

Published on: January 15, 2013

Heart shaped whoopie piesRed Velvet Whoopie Love

Annie of the fab foodie blog Annie's Eats says that if there is one recipe she'd recommend for Valentine's Day, it's gotta be this one for red velvet whoopie pies. And we agree -- the picture alone puts up a darn good argument!

Easily made with Annie's cookie recipe, red food coloring, and cream cheese frosting, Annie admits that she had to give these away quickly after they were made because she kept finding excuses to eat them for breakfast. For whoopie pie first-timers, she also recommends piping the frosting onto the cookies, rather than spreading it with a knife as it gives the cookie sandwich a cleaner look and saves a little bit of kitchen cleanup. Check out the full post for Annie's great pictorial and recipe.

Neapolitan cupcakesDelicious Neapolitan Sweets

Six Sisters' Stuff features these gorgeous and colorful Neapolitan cupcakes that are sure to be a hit at this year's Valentine's Day bash!

Made with -- get ready for this -- cupcake batter and brownie mix, these bright and beautiful cupcakes are easy to make, and Camille admits that they're one of the most delicious cupcake combinations she's ever had! Check out the Six Sisters site for the full recipe and to learn more about their perfect buttercream frosting.

Conversation heart cookiesSweet Valentine's Day Messages

Kelsey's Kitchen features this fun idea for making colorful conversation heart sugar cookies -- the ultimate treats for letting your valentines know exactly how you feel!

Made with a message-in-a-cookie cutter from Williams Sonoma and food coloring for the classic Sweetheart colors, Kelsey says that she loves this recipe because the cookies have a soft, cake-like texture. Check out the full post for the sugar cookie recipe and tips for getting started.

Cut out cupcakesCut-Out Cupcake Cuties

We can't get enough of these beautiful cut-out cupcakes featured on Glorious Treats -- and the best part is that they're way easier to make than their elegant appearance might suggest!

To make your own cool cut-outs, simply cut the tops off of your baked and cooled chocolate cupcakes, and apply a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Slather on your frosting (Glory includes a Maraschino cherry recipe), add the tops back onto the cupcakes, and then sprinkle with powder sugar -- voilà! Check out the full post for recipe ideas, great tips, and more.

Rocky road browniesRocky Road Love

For those of you out there who can't get enough chocolate on Valentine's Day, don't miss out on these delicious rocky road brownies featured on Joy the Baker.

Sure to please your favorite chocoholic valentines this year, Joy says that these sweet brownies offer "super fudgy chocolate with nuts and campfire-style toasted marshmallows." (Doesn't sound so terrible, right?!) Check out the full post for Joy's excellent recipe and tips.

Cookie popsSprinkle Sweets

Mama Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie features these fun Valentine's Day ideas for using mini heart sprinkles on cookies and marshmallow pops. Perfect for tots who equally love both!

Saying she found her sweet tiny sprinkles at Michael's, both the cookies and the pops are quick and easy to make. For the pops, simply skewer the marshmallow, dunk it in a glass of water, and then apply the sprinkles. Like we said, super-easy!

Mini cherry piesCherry Pie Favorites

Love cherry pie as much as we do? Then don't miss out on Bakerella's fantastic idea for making mini cherry pies for Valentine's Day.

With the full how-to included on the lovely Seattle-based blog, Not Martha, these tiny fruit-filled delicious pies are easily made in a muffin tin for bite-size satisfaction. Perfect for your favorite "team pie" sweethearts, these mini confections will surely inspire some "oohs and aahs!" at the dinner table!

Butterscotch peanut butter marshmallow heartsWild at Heart

Mama Rosie of Sweetapolita had us completely sold on these butterscotch peanut butter marshmallow hearts in the second line of her post when she referred to the treats as a "ridiculously-yummy-yet-simple recipe."

Also referring to these sweets as a good inclusion for her “last meal” menu, these treats are just as easy as Rosie says they are, only requiring a bit of melting and chilling time before being cut into heart shapes. Check out the site for the full scoop -- there's also some gorgeous photography included of Rosie's own sweethearts!

Chocolate soupSweet Valentine's Day Soup

Soup may not seem like the most exciting Valentine's Day treat out there, but we have a feeling that this chocolate soup featured on Sprinkle Bakes will change your opinion in no time!

Afraid of offering a dessert that would be too heavy for a date night, Sprinkle Bake's Heather searched high and low for the best chocolate soup recipe, before making up her own. Deciding to use Ghiradelli semisweet baking chips, and fat-free sweetened condensed milk and half and half, Heather says that her lighter version tasted just as great as the real, full-fat deal. As for the flavor, she says, "If I could describe where chocolate soup lives, it's somewhere between rich hot chocolate-ville and chocolate pudding city." Soup's on!

Strawberry fudgeFantastic Fudge

A perfect treat idea for small hands to help with, we can't get enough of this strawberry two-ingredient fudge included on Cookies and Cups!

Only combining the two ingredients  of strawberry frosting and white chocolate melting chips, just chill the mixture in the fridge, and you're completely set for Valentine's Day treats! Check out Mama Shelly's full post for tips and tricks for jazzing up these bars with sweet decorative designs.

Chocolate chip cupcakesCookie Crunch

Got a gaggle of cookie monsters at home? (We know the feeling!) Needless to say, we've become totally enamored with these chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes featured on Bake at 350!

Making these cookie lover cuties for her son's birthday, Mama Bridget demonstrates how to make these cupcakes with a chocolate chip cookie cake, chocolate chip cookie dough filling, AND a brown sugar cookie dough frosting. (She also fairly warns readers that you'll probably never want to know what the Weight Watchers points equal out to for these sweets, delicious as they may be!)

Red velvet cheesecake browniesCheesecake Devotion

Cheesecake is always a favorite in our home -- and it doesn't get much better than these marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies featured on The Novice Chef. (Sounds like the best of both worlds to us!)

Suggesting that these treats would also work great on a stick or as valentines for classmates, Jessica says that the brownies include cheesecake and red velvet layers -- and she even offers up a recipe idea for leftover scraps! Visit the site for the full scoop and for all of the recipes. Overall, this is one bite-sized treat that's sure to be a hit!

Red velvet cookiesCheesecake Devotion, Take Two

Speaking of red velvet cheesecake Valentine's Day goodies, these gorgeous cookies offered on Two Peas & Their Pod are also sure be a crowd-pleaser among your pint-sized cuties at this year's party.

Stating that these sweets "will wow everyone who takes a bite," Mama Maria admits that she cheated and used a box of red velvet cake mix for the cookies (and that it was ah-mazing). Get the full scoop on how she added the cream cheese filling and more great tips by checking out the full post.

Chocolate cherry barkBeautiful Bark

 If you find yourself in a time crunch and need a quick treat idea for your little ones, consider checking out this nummy chocolate cherry homemade bark included on Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.

Easily made with cherry M&Ms, cherry candy flavoring, sprinkles, and chocolate melts, simply place your pan in the fridge for a chill after the candy has melted and then just break up it before dessert -- that's all there is to it! (Also not to be missed: Mama Kristan includes a hi-larious list on how many times certain stories are allowed to be told in this post. Believe us when we say, there's good stuff here!)

Cookies and cream barsCookies and Cream Goodness

Another great Valentine's Day treat that can be dropped into the "easy" file: Picky Palate's no-bake chewy cookies and cream bars.

Promising that these sweets can be "whipped up in about 15 minutes," Mama Jenny says that this dessert only requires a whopping three ingredients: Oreos, marshmallows, and butter. Check out the full post for a great pictorial and tips.

Heart filled cupcakesHeart-Filled Cupcakes

Made with Love features this fabulous idea for making hearts inside of cupcakes and we absolutely love it!

To get started, split your cupcake batter into 1/3 colored pink, and 2/3 regular yellow cake. Bake your pink batter and use a cookie cutter to make your hearts once the cake has cooled. Then, just take your hearts and add them back in to the muffin tin for a little more baking with the yellow cake batter surrounding. Be sure to check out the recipe for full details -- these heart "cuppies" are sure to be a winner with your lucky valentines.

Pink meringues Magnificent Meringue

Noted as being "light and almost ethereal" by Mama Naomi of Bakers Royale, these pink meringue kiss cookies won't fail to impress at this year's Valentine's Day party.

Easily made using only four ingredients -- egg whites, sugar, a pinch of tartar, and vanilla extract, Naomi recommends not making these cookies on humid days as they will not turn out as light and crisp as they should. Visit Bakers Royale for the full scoop on how to make these fluffy gorgeous treats!

Fondant heart cupcakesSuper Sweet Hearts

If these cupcakes look slightly familiar, you're on the right track -- Hello Naomi's robot cupcakes were featured in our recent birthday treats article! As for these sweet cupcakes offered up by Hello Naomi on Seattle's CakeSpy, we absolutely love their bright and beautiful colors.

Made using colorful rolled-out fondant icing for the hearts and cupcake tops, these Valentine's Day treats are a great idea for classroom sweets or even just fun goodies for your little ones. Colorful, delicious, and absolutely beautiful!

Chocolate pudding cookiesChocolate Cravings

When it comes to these chocolate puddle cookies featured on 101 Cookbooks, fabulous foodie Heidi says that she fell completely head over heels for these chocolate-y treats. And though they may not include all of the bells and whistle, we couldn't agree more that a good cookie is all it takes sometimes!

Simply made using egg whites, unsweetened cocoa powder, powdered sugar, sea salt, vanilla extract, and walnut halves, it's easy to see why these cookies are referred to as "puddles." However, Heidi promises that you can expect to taste plenty soft meringue and chocolate-y goodness -- we think they're perfect for your Valentine's Day sweeties.

Red velvet thumbprint cookiesValentine's Day Minis

How Sweet It Is shows off these lovely red velvet thumbprint cookies with marshmallow frosting -- delicious, beautiful, and bite-sized!

Having adapted the recipe from her s'mores thumbprints, baker extraordinaire Jessica walks you through how to make these quick and easy sweets just in time for Valentine's Day. Overall, a perfectly sized treat for small hands -- and one that we're sure the adults won't dismiss either!

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