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Best of Seattle for Kids and Families: Camps and Classes

Best of Seattle for Kids and Families: Camps and Classes
Today’s parents are wild about creative camps, classes and innovative programs. You love your kids loving their dance, music, sports, camps and more, and your comments exude enthusiasm and zeal for these terrific spots, where children combine fun and learning.


Best dance studio: Creative Dance CenterDance Studio

Winner: Creative Dance Center
North Seattle’s Creative Dance Center earned a chorus of your votes as well as emphatic comments such as “THE BEST dance education in Seattle” and “Rooms FULL of happy children, learning with every movement.” But its loyal following understands that the Creative Dance Center’s programs encompass more than just dance. Its signature “BrainDance” was developed by the center’s founder and director to help strengthen neurological pathways. The center offers a program to fit nearly every dance desire — classes for parent and child; ballet; classes for young children, teens and adults; birthday parties; and a creative arts preschool program.

American Dance Institute does ballet, and does it well, judging by your enthusiasm for this studio. But ballet is just the beginning. Hula, hip-hop, jazz, Irish step dancing, flamenco, tap and more fill out the Greenwood institute’s offerings. One commenter praises the instructors as “friendly, skilled and attentive.” You also like the atmosphere, calling it “warm and welcoming.”

All That Dance in Seattle’s Wedgwood neighborhood offers a variety of dance classes, including ballet. The studio’s specialty is providing personalized placement in each class. Multiple readers comment on the studio’s care and efficiency, one calling it “super-organized and well-run.”

Eastsiders chimed in, too, voting Redmond’s Gotta Dance a finalist in this category. The studio offers a multitude of classes every week, plenty to keep your young dancer turning, toe tapping and twirling. “Instructors are terrific and fun,” says one reader. Gotta Dance teaches kids as young as 2 — and one voter likes that little kids’ classes aren’t “too strict.”


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