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Best of Seattle for Kids and Families: Family Food and Dining


Family Food & Dining

It takes a lot more than a cup of crayons and a clutch of breaded chicken tenders to make a restaurant truly parent- and kid-friendly. You weighed in on the best treats and eats for family fun day, pizza for the team, or for when date night rolls around and the baby-sitter bails. Here are your favorite haunts for sipping and supping — family style.


Best treat shop: Trophy CupcakesTreat Shop

Winner: Trophy Cupcakes and Party
When you combine kid-sized tables, balloons, and a frog and turtle fountain just outside the door, it almost wouldn’t matter what the cupcakes tasted like. Almost. The “tasty, tasty,” cupcakes at Trophy Cupcakes in University Village “aren't just pretty — they also taste amazing, even the frosting!” Using only the finest ingredients, like Valrhona cocoa powder, local, RBGH-free dairy products, free-range eggs, and pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Trophy is known for quality in design and taste with plenty of unique and yummy flavors. Care to try a Hummingbird? It’s a banana-pineapple-coconut cake with cream cheese frosting styled in a “hummingbird swirl” and sprinkled with pink and blue coarse sugar. That’ll get you zipping around at 80 beats per second.


There’s something to  please all your peeps at Cupcake Royale. Voters especially love the kid-friendly “very cute,” and “tiny cupcakes.” Gluten-free goodies sweeten the deal and their Sprinkle-Your-Own-Parties are always a hit. They also have a mobile Cupcake Party Cart for events in need of a little cupcake love in addition to the six locations.

If you are looking for a “great alternative to the cupcake craze,” grab a slice at A la Mode Pies Café in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. One reader says, “I don't feel as bad letting my child eat a pie filled with berries.”  You can even eat a whole pie with no guilt, just try one of their LolliPies — a silver-dollar-sized, lollipop-inspired pie in three delicious flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Cherries Jubilee and Blue Hawaiian.

PCC Natural Markets has one of the best bakeries around. Known for “delicious cookies, scones, and other treats that are healthier than the norm,” they even have “fabulous fresh-baked wheat-free treats!” PCC bakers eschew high fructose corn syrup and trans fat and “the vegan cupcakes are out of this world!” Don’t forget to take advantage of the free piece of fruit for each visiting kid.  

Stuffed Cakes’  small cakes, stuffed with goodness like fruit, candies or caramel sauce, range from little minis to 10-inch cakes for sharing. “The flavors change daily and there’s always gluten-free or vegan options so the kiddos with allergies can go, too!” Mom and designer Donna Lawson presents what she calls “small cakes packed with personality” in her shop in West Seattle.


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