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Family Food & Dining

It takes a lot more than a cup of crayons and a clutch of breaded chicken tenders to make a restaurant truly parent- and kid-friendly. You weighed in on the best treats and eats for family fun day, pizza for the team, or for when date night rolls around and the baby-sitter bails. Here are your favorite haunts for sipping and supping — family style.


Best grocery store: PCC Natural MarketsGrocery Store

Winner: PCC Natural Markets
Locavores unite! Started as a 15-family food co-op in 1953, PCC is now ParentMap readers’ favorite grocery store, with locations in Edmonds, Fremont, Green Lake, Issaquah, Kirkland, Redmond, Seward Park, View Ridge and West Seattle. Not only do you love all the local and organic options, you nosh regularly on the bakery, deli, sushi, pizza and other in-house offerings. Every kid can grab and wash a fresh piece of fruit, no charge, to munch on while cruising the aisles with their mini shopping cart. The bright orange Kid Picks labels seen throughout the stores help shoppers find the most kid-approved items — taste-tested by a panel of real-life kids. PCC is also a major donor to the PCC Farmland Trust, a nonprofit land trust dedicated to preserving organic and local farmland. “Calm atmosphere, very helpful staff . . . and a great purpose and history in the area, quality food at reasonable prices.”

QFC has locations all over the Puget Sound, although one in particular is a parent favorite. The University Village store has childcare for ages 2 and above in the Quality Fun Center.  “The ladies there are so great, and it's free!”  Parents also like the “wide corridors,” “race-car shopping carts,” and the “friendly staff.” Kids are big fans of the free cookie they get each time they visit.

Trader Joe’s makes the list for “great buys with lots of healthy options, kids' grocery carts, and a prize for paying attention and finding the special animal.” Offering samples, good customer service, and “great quick dinner options” doesn’t hurt either. “Friendly staff, good place to get healthy snacks, visually fun and charming for kids. Also, really good food.”

Voters also like Whole Foods because of their “healthy grab-and-go meal choices,” and the Kid’s Club bonuses like a free piece of fruit and stickers or prizes at checkout. “It's destination grocery shopping at its finest. I can always convince my kids to go with me and help pick out gorgeous produce and lunch on all the awesome grab-and-go options.”


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