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Best of Seattle for Kids and Families: Parenting Resources

Best of Seattle for Kids and Families: Parenting Resources
By now, we understand that we get by with a little help from our friends — and that includes other parents, excellent instructors and awesome physicians. Call it the community of parenthood. And then consider: Where would we be without it? Here are some superfab support systems you love to call upon.


Best parent blogsParent Bloggers

Let’s face it, as fascinating and fun as ParentMap is, you all like to read other great stuff on the web, and you gave us some of your favorite go-to blogs for a little straight-shooting with a sprinkle (or big pile) of humor on top. Add these brilliant blogs to your bookmarks:

Reader Favorites:
Meredith Bland, Pile of Babies 
Meredith Bland, freelance writer and blogger shares her completely irreverent spewings on Pile of Babies three times a week and is the mother of twins. You love her because “from poop to politics, she is hilarious.” This is one to read after the kids have gone to bed — just be careful you don’t spew wine on your keyboard.

Lea Geller, This Is the Corner We Pee In 
A regular contributor to ParentMap, Lea Geller is not just funny, you think she’s “hi-lar-i-ous!” We’re not sure how she actually finds the time to write her blog, This Is the Corner We Pee In, considering she is a mother of five (count them, five) and dabbles in law as a part-time attorney. But write she does, and well at that.

Jenny Lawson, The Blogess 
According to one reader, “NOTHING is funnier” than Jenny Lawson, and ParentMap voters are not the only ones who think so. A little-known publication, The New York Times, put her book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on their bestseller list in the #1 spot.

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, Seattle Mama Doc 
The Seattle Mama Doc isn’t in the business of making us laugh so much as learn, which makes Swanson’s inclusion in this funny blogging mamas lineup quite a coup.  Readers love and trust her “great information for parents” and describe the style of her blog as “just real.”


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