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Nursing moms asked to cover up/leave cafe, file lawsuit

Published on: December 30, 2013

breastfeeding_professionalSo a couple of moms were nursing in a Manhattan cafe when (according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court) a manager told them to stop, then made them leave when one of the women pointed out that what they were doing was not illegal.

The store owner says that the since-fired manager asked only that the women cover up because men in the cafe were "leering" at them.

If the store owner's account is correct, why did the manager react to her concern that the women were being watched by approaching them and telling them to change their behavior? (And since when do women get protection in public places from unwanted male attention, anyway?) If the manager worried that the interaction was disruptive to business, she should have talked to the "leering" men about playing nice, not to a pair of nursing moms about covering up. This sounds like another OMG BOOBEZ situation, in which public breastfeeding is seen as slightly indecent or provocative, even though you can see more side- (or top-) boob at the beach or on the cover of a certain type of women's magazine.

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