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8 Magical Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Family

Press pause on the holiday hustle and consider one of these memorable ideas

Published on: December 05, 2019

8 Magical Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Family


Make memories

You don’t need me to tell you that the holidays are an incredibly busy time of year, especially in families with children of preschool age or older. 

Not only do you have your own festive obligations, holiday parties and gift shopping to attend to, you also have your kids’ school holiday shows, teacher gifts and Santa visits

But the magical parts, the parts that they’ll remember and perhaps even insist on doing when they become parents years from now, might not involve so much rushing or busy-ness. Traditions  and family moments of wonder (whatever you can muster) can allow for a meaningful and special break from the consumerism and chaos. 

If you’re hoping to capture some of the holiday spirit into new family traditions this year, this list is a magical place to start. Use the arrows above the image to browse through the ideas.

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