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Swing High, Zip Fast: Most Adventurous Playgrounds Around Seattle

Where to find the highest climbers, fastest zip lines and tallest swings

Published on: March 20, 2023

Swing High, Zip Fast: Most Adventurous Playgrounds Around Seattle

A boy swing high on longer swings at Seattle's Cowen Park, with a castle-themed play structure, merry-go-round and zip line visible in the background
Seattle’s Cowen Park features an old-school swing set with tall swings. Credit: Natasha Dillinger

Cowen Park, Seattle

The Cowen Park swings are well known for being very long, allowing kids to really pump and reach an impressive height. In addition to the two regular swings and two baby swings, Cowen Park has a playground with slides, an old-school merry-go-round and a zip line. Hiking trails that connect to adjacent Ravenna Park are a fun side excursion for families with active kids.

We recommend visiting this park pretty soon. The current playground was built in 1999, meaning it’ll be due for an update in the next few years. The current swings are likely to be replaced with “safer” — you know, less long and exciting — swings when that renovation happens.

(Pro tip: On the other side of Green Lake from Cowen Park, in the far northwest corner of expansive Woodland Park, you can find similarly old-school long swings at the West Woodland Park Playground, just north of the Woodland Park Zoo. Check them out, too!)

Location: 5849 15th Ave. N.E. in North Seattle. Parking is available along the side streets. Buses stop next to the park.

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