BabyMap, 2011 issue

Published on: April 20, 2011

BabyMap 2011

We are so excited about this year's BabyMap! Packed with expert tips on finding a midwife to breastfeeding after returning to work -- new mama, this special issue is just for you! Learn about maintaining intimacy with your partner after marriage, the facts surrounding c-section births and get the scoop on some cool new gadgets for kids -- and moms!

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Linda MorganEditor's note:

Shock and awe
I don’t know about you, but when my first child was born, I reacted with total, all-encompassing love, joy and wonder — and complete and utter shock.

I thought I was prepared. I’d been around a baby or two, done some babysitting, even read an impressive array of child-care books. But nothing, nothing prepared me for the squirming, needy, hungry, exhausting — and yes — adorable, loving, cuddle-worthy newborn I held in my arms.

We’re here to make sure you know the ropes — along with the prats, pitfalls, and ins and outs of raising those awesome infants. At ParentMap, we connect with the brainiacs in child development, education, medicine and more. We glean the best info from superstar sources to bring you the latest parenting news in our award-winning magazine and on our website.

This issue of BabyMap is full of essential information to help you navigate the wonderful (yet daunting) journey you have embarked upon. You’ll learn how go back to work and still manage to breastfeed successfully (“Taking your breasts back to work”). You’ll read about midwives and how they differ from obstetricians (“Giving women a different option”); and you’ll find out why busy parents shouldn’t put sex on the back burner (“Too tired to make love?”).

Don’t miss “Cool gadgets for kids.” Writer David Volk attended this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and fills us in on the best of the newest tech toys for you and your kids.

Check out our great giveaways — and enter our drawing for a chance to win one! We hope you enjoy this issue of BabyMap, and that you’ll be informed and entertained. Our crazy, cool staff of mostly moms loved putting it all together for you. Let us know ( what you think — and what you’d like to learn more about next time.

Linda Morgan, BabyMap editor

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