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5 Northwest Adventures for Mom to Have (With or Without the Kids)

These are good ideas even when it isn’t Mother’s Day

Kate Missine

Published on: April 27, 2018

5 Northwest Adventures for Mom to Have (With or Without the Kids)

banya interior

Get a Russian-style rub

A day of pampering in a soothing spa is a no-brainer when it comes to indulgence. But for those looking for an experience that’s just a little more out there, a trip to Banya 5 in South Lake Union may be in order.

A one-of-a-kind fusion of traditional Russian, Turkish and Finnish bathhouses, Banya 5 isn’t your ordinary day spa. Start off in the parilka, a Russian-style dry sauna with intense heat; if you’re feeling brave, beat yourself with the provided birch branches, which is supposed to stimulate tone and circulation.

Next, take a plunge in the cold pool. It’s admittedly not for the faint of heart, but it is exhilarating! (A warm saltwater pool, hot tub and eucalyptus-scented Turkish steam room are also available.)

Try a massage or a body scrub of local honey and cocoa butter, help yourself to some herbal tea as you relax or read in the lounge, or even catch some shut-eye in the nap room — you know you need it!  

Banya 5, 217 Ninth Ave. N., Seattle | Admission starts at $45, services extra.

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