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This Year's Best Toys

The scoop from local toy store owners

Published on: October 30, 2018

This Year's Best Toys

holiday puzzle

Ages 5–7

Plus-Plus construction toys, recommended by Top Ten Toys and Snapdoodle Toys. Toy store owners tell us customers can’t stop creating creatures and objects with these little plastic shapes that look like plus signs. These manipulative, brightly colored building blocks are made in Denmark. $9.99

Squishies, recommended by Top Ten Toys and Snapdoodle Toys. Satisfy your child’s tactile wish for a squeezable and scented toy that slowly rises to show off its cute factor. From Japan, these squishes come in a plethora of shapes, from unicorns to boba balls. Starting at $10.99

Rhino Hero by Haba, recommended by Meeples Games. Adults and kids love building skyscrapers with this award-winning game. $14.99

Giant T-rex by Schleich, recommend by Clover Toys. Standing nearly seven inches high, this toy will be your dino fan’s new favorite. $16.49

Outfoxed! by Gamewright, recommended by Meeples Games. This clever detective game has players find suspects and use deduction to figure out which one is the sly fox-thief. $17.99

Holiday puzzles by Piatnik, recommended by Magic Mouse Toys. Work together as a family to put together these charming holiday puzzles from Europe. Starts at $22

Kwik Stix solid tempera paint, recommended by Top Ten Toys and Snapdoodle Toys. While a Kwik Stix looks like a cool crayon, it’s actually a tempura paint stick, which means painting doesn’t have to be super messy. $24.99

E-Blox building sets, recommended by Magic Mouse Toys. With E-Blox’s plug-together bricks and modules, kids build items that light up and make sounds, such as a working FM radio or an airplane propeller that spins at different speeds. $32.99

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