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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With These 14 Festive Films

From animation to drama, this movie lineup makes any day a holiday

Published on: May 05, 2016

Photo credit: The Book of Life

These films represent a wide spectrum of Mexican-American movies, from the empowering drama of Real Women Have Curves to the mouthwatering (literally) romance of Like Water for Chocolate. Teens and parents will find much to appreciate in these films that bring important cultural experiences to life.

1. The Book of Life

(2014) 7 and older

Beautifully animated film but has some scary imagery

2. McFarland, USA

(2015) 10 and older

Poignant story about Latino runners; a winner for families 

3. Nacho Libre

(2006) 10 and older

A sweet, offbeat movie about caring for others

Photo credit: Nacho Libre

4. Selena

(1997) 10 and older

Touching and ultimately tragic tale of a young Tejano star

5. Underwater Dreams

(2014) 10 and older

Inspiring story about an underdog high school robotics team

6. Cantinflas

(2014) 12 and older

Mostly tame showbiz tale about legendary Mexican actor

7. Instructions Not Included

(2013) 13 and older

Mix of comedy and tragedy in Mexican dad-daughter tale

8. Zurdo

(2003) 13 and older

Excellent Mexican fantasy with some disturbing violence

Photo credit: La Bamba

9. La Bamba

(1987) 14 and older

Sweet, sad rock-idol story for mature teens

10. Real Women Have Curves

(2002) 14 and older

Smart coming-of-age drama addresses body image

11. Tortilla Soup 

(2001) 14 and older

A harmless comedy that will make your mouth water

12. Like Water for Chocolate

(1992) 16 and older

Passionated tale of lost and regained love

Photo credit: Quinceañera

13. Quinceañera

(2006) 16 and older

Smart coming-of-age drama for older teens

14. My Family (Mi Familia) 

(1997) 17 and older

Epic, dramatic tale of a Mexican-American family

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