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Published on: October 08, 2007

You hold in your hands the tangible outcome of one of ParentMap’s founding principles: a deep commitment to supporting the education of our children. Inside these pages, you’ll find information and resources for learning at all ages and stages, from preschool to pre-college, and everything in between.

ParentMap was created more than four years ago to educate, inspire and connect Puget Sound-area parents. Since then, we’ve gotten a little education ourselves, and we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. Besides our award-winning monthly newsmagazine, we now publish LearningMap, BabyMap, SummerMap and Family Directory.

Our newly launched Web site is a gold mine of resources for parents, including a searchable calendar of events created just for families. And we support parent learning, too, by presenting our Pathways lecture series each year.

Our own internal report card gives us high marks for our continuing dedication to all things educational. Our regular monthly column “Getting School Ready” addresses the issues parents confront as they send their children out into the world of school each day. We report to you monthly on news from Olympia that affects our schools and the families who use them. And our College Planner recently won a prestigious Gold Award for excellence — the highest honor available from the Parenting Publications of America.

You see, at ParentMap, our passion for education comes naturally. The two dozen or so crazy-busy, talented and devoted moms who make up our organization think about these issues daily; how they affect our own families, our communities, and the more than 80,000 parents, caregivers and educators who read our magazines each month. We had you in mind when we created LearningMap, and we hope you find it interesting, useful and — dare we hope? — educational! Please let us know what you think. Write to us at

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