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Cross-Cultural Staycations: Visit 5 Countries Without Leaving Home

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This summer take your family on a trip around the world while enjoying an economical stay-cation. Mini-trips increase global awareness, get your kids ready for traveling, and are just plain fun! Try one of our five mini-trip ideas below or create your own.


Eat: Start a trip to Cuba by visiting your local Latino grocery store to pick up special ingredients and spices for creating a delicious Cuban meal. A traditional avocado mold and Cuban rice and beans take time, so you might want to start in the morning.

Listen: Download and listen to Cuban music to help get you into the cooking mood. During the day, while the avocado mold gels and the rice and beans simmer, consider a visit to the beach if it’s warm enough outside.

Cuba carLook: If it’s not a beach day, and if you're in Seattle, check out native-Cuban artist Juan Alonso's public art installations throughout the Seattle area.

Learn: In the afternoon, spend a little time learning about the politics of Cuba, past and present. Why is it difficult to visit Cuba? How is their political system different from ours?

Read: High school kids might enjoy The Firefly Letters: A Suffragette's Journey to Cuba about an activist’s journey through Cuba, or Cuba: My Revolution, a graphic novel about the choices a teenage girl has to make in Castro’s Cuba. For younger kids, there are lots of Cuban folktales available in Spanish and English such as The Bossy Gallito, Dance, Nana, Dance and Martina the Beautiful Cockroach.

Watch: After enjoying your delicious Cuban feast, settle in for a movie filmed on location in Cuba. Viva Cuba, about two kids traveling alone across the country, is available on Netflix and a great way to see the landscape while learning about the culture.

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