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17 Birthday Party Ideas Featuring Minions

Try these fun treats and decorations, perfect for any kid who is crazy for 'Minions' and 'Despicable Me'

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Cake

Minion cake

Or do you just want to decorate one cake and be done? Try this minion cake made from a sheet cake, by Betty Blogger Heather Baird at Cut off the corners of a rectangular sheet cake to make an oval minion body. After frosting in yellow and blue, make an eye by frosting a chocolate peppermint patty in white. An upside-down Hershey’s Kiss becomes the pupil. The goggles are made from chewy chocolate candy (such as Tootsie Rolls) rolled in silver sprinkles, but fondant would work just as well. The final details are made of licorice and black frosting.

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