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Diaper Bags for Dudes

Published on: December 30, 2013

Dad’s day is just around the corner (15 days away, but who’s counting?). Give him something he really wants this year. To NOT have to lug around the shiny, flowery diaper bag you’re partial to.

Here are a few toting options with men in mind:

The Diaper Dude Bag. At Uncommon Goods. $52

Looking for something sleeker?

How about the Spare Change by Goober Baby. $28

Your man doesn’t like anything at all dangling from his shoulder?

The Diaper Vest at Dad Gear is a sporty idea. $82

Wait. What’s that? You were hoping to spend yet more cash on a diaper bag?

Here’s the stylish faux suede, Men's Diaper Bag at Neiman Marcus. $102

And finally, for your outdoorsy guys.

The Baby Sherpa looks just like any pack he’d take on a day hike. From ebags. $105

Now they'll have no excuse for not changing the kids' diapers.

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