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DIY Summer Camp at Home: Four Themes to Try

Free and cheap activities, plus resources to keep the kids entertained this summer

Published on: June 03, 2020

DIY Summer Camp at Home: Four Themes to Try


Camp planner for creative kids

The key to making a creative camp work is to have lots of projects in mind, the right supplies and a dedicated workspace. We've got some simple ideas for creating a makerspace in your home which should encourage your kids to be creative and limit the mess to one specific area!

Have a couple of project ideas or themes to get them going. You could theme each week. Perhaps one week you could focus on big outdoor art projects, next week could be fabric art, the week after photography or short movies, etc. Keep a close eye on the weather and plan accordingly. 

Ideas to get you started

Discover eight outdoor art projects that can be created in your back yard and cleaned up with a swish from your garden hose. Let the kids go wild making bubble art, tie-dye T-shirts and more. 

If you’ve got young tweens or teens, they might be more interested in fabric art or creating something cool to wear. Check out these trendy tutorial craft sites that show kids how to make tassel earrings, macramé handbags, woven wall art and lots more fashion accessories. 

Check out websites like Jean Van’t Hul's The Artful Parent, which is chock-full of hands-on projects.

We all know that screens are kind of inevitable, but if screens are going to be part of your summer, you might as well find some decent apps and sites where kids can be the producers. These creativity-boosting apps will encourage kids to produce music, art, movies, etc. online. 

Tips for success

Keep in mind that some days will be creative and other days will be downright messy. Agree with your kid what’s acceptable and what’s just plain hazardous. 

There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition and the lure of a prize to motivate your kids. Entice them to enter one of these creative competitions and your DIY summer camp might just lead to fame and fortune.

More resources

Need a creative injection to get you through the rest of the summer? Try subscription boxes from Art Snacks or Doodle Crate.

Invest in good books such as "Children’s Book of Art" and "My Art Book" by DK Publishing that offer lots of inspiration and activities to try. 

Support a local business by availing yourself of one of the awesome art and craft kits from Roaring Mouse, or buy your materials from Seattle Re-Creative

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