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No Summer Camp? Here Are Tons of Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy

Free and cheap activities, plus resources to keep the kids entertained this summer

Vicky McDonald

Published on: June 15, 2022

No Summer Camp? Here Are Tons of Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy


Ideas for kids who love science

Home is the perfect place to experiment with science and see how it relates to everyday life. Sometimes the simple and fun experiments are the ones that can teach the most, as kids are far more likely to engage with them. 

Encouraging your kids to experiment means parents might need to let go a little, which can be tough. Find an area in the garage or back yard where kids can tinker and experiment without causing too much havoc. Agree on some ground rules with your kid and request that big messes be cleaned up before a new experiment can begin. 

Ideas to get you started

  • For your mini-engineer, try these nine simple flying contraptions that are easy enough to make with things you find around the house, 
  • Making elephant toothpaste, an ice volcano and rain in a jar are just the kind of fun STEAM projects to get kids excited about science. 
  • Create squirt gun volcanoes, assemble a lemon battery, hatch dinosaur eggs and more with these awesome backyard science experiments.
  • Start a worm bin, go on an owl prowl and watch science in action with these hands-on activities for kids who love bugs, birds and other critters. 

Tips for success

Depending on their age, kids will need some help from the grown-ups with many of these types of projects. 

Keep ’em safe and make them feel the part by investing in some safety glasses.

More resources

The internet is full of science experiments for children. Try Science Buddies for tons of ideas and kits. The American Chemical Society offers free and interesting ideas for experiments using safe household ingredients.

There are also lots of excellent free science shows on YouTube. Check out these highly-rated shows, grouped by age.

Try one of these awesome activity kits that encourage independent play and discovery. 

If you still need more, you could invest in STEM subscription boxes for some extra stuff to do. BitsBox introduces a new computer science concept every month with a fun app project kids can create and run on a mobile device, or GIRLS CAN! CRATE offers activity books and activities targeted specifically for girls. 

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