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DIY Summer Camp at Home: Four Themes to Try

Free and cheap activities, plus resources to keep the kids entertained this summer

Published on: June 03, 2020

DIY Summer Camp at Home: Four Themes to Try


Camp planner for kids who love outdoor activities

We all know the fun part of camp is interacting with peers and playing outside. Sadly, a lot of us won’t be able to mix in big groups this summer, but we can provide some fun and new ways to play outside.

Ideas to get you started

Make camping at home a thing with these tips and tricks for hosting an epic campout in your own back yard.

Encourage your kids to burn up some energy and let loose with these awesome obstacle course ideas.

Turn on the hose and try some fun water play ideas such as DIY sprinklers, ice excavation, super sponge balls and more.

Summer camp can feel like one endless party, so why not try to create an outdoor party atmosphere some evening with an outdoor movie night, complete with old-school games and camping treats. 

Relive summer camp memories by looking at old photos of past summer camp experiences. Parents, don’t forget to share your embarrassing photos, too! End the day by watching one of these classic summer camp movies together. 

Tips for success

Summer is supposed to be fun, and kids (like parents) are going through a tough time. Don’t expect a huge amount of learning this summer. Let them experiment and follow their own interests (even if that interest is computer games) — you’ll be surprised what they learn when left to their own devices.

Be prepared for rain and days when they can't spend the whole day outside. Encourage them to read, journal or listen to a podcast if they complain about being bored. There are so many resources out there, you just need to find the one that captures their imagination.

More resources

Now might be a good time to invest in some fun, new equipment, such as a slip and slide or tree-climbing footholds to make your back yard feel like an adventure playground.

On rainy days, check out Compass Outdoor Adventures, which is currently offer engaging competitions and indoor scavenger hunts for families. 

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