Event updates and corrections

Published on: December 30, 2013

1. We just found out that the Little Maestro concert scheduled for Saturday, July 12 (that's today, for all of you in a parenting haze) has been cancelled because of a family emergency. The concerts scheduled for later this month are going on as planned.

2. The Hiawatha Community Center's Mediterranean Fantasy Festival -- reported in the community center's catalogue [pdf] (and therefore our print calendar) as occurring on July 12 and 13 -- is actually happening on July 19 and 20.

3. Having been a calendar editor for lo these many years, I've seen enough event cancellations and last-minute changes to events (not to mention catalogue misprints, PR whoopses and editing errors, ahem) that I don't think I'll ever drop by anywhere again without first checking the event Web site for updates -- especially if I have kids along. Because try explaining to your 3-year-old that the festival that you were looking forward to today, to which you've just arrived only to find no people and empty grounds, is actually happening next weekend. Just try.

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