FAQs for Vendors

Published on: November 01, 2013

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1. Does my booth come with a table cloth?

You are welcome to bring your own tablecloth to events to enhance your marketing. We will have white paper table-cloths available if you need one.

2. Does my booth have an electrical outlet?

Electrical outlets are provided if you choose the “Electrical Hookup” option when registering. If the “Electrical Hookup” option is not available for the event you are purchasing, then electrical will be available on a first come first serve basis. Be sure you indicate on the registration form that you need electrical hookup.

3. Is there space to hang my banner?

You can hang your banner on the front of your table at all events. Backdrops for hanging banners are dependent on your booth location and the venue.  A six or eight foot banner is usually the perfect size for your table or hanging behind you.

4.What is Premium Placement?

Premium Placement is an optional purchase, allowing you to pick the placement of your booth. If you choose this option, you will be sent a map of the venue and you can pick which table you would like. Premium Placement is limited to 10 booths per event, and is offered on a first come first serve basis.

5. What is the size of the booth space?

Events vary, but booth space is a table and one foot on either side of it and 3 feet in front and in back of it. Tables are either six feet or eight feet, depending on the venue. You will receive a vendor packet closer to the event date with specific details.

6. What is the best way to display my materials?

Various methods of displaying materials are the most engaging. Hang your banner on your table, if there is no backdrop available. Adding multiple levels to your table top display is effective and allows for more materials to be on the table without taking up more space. The vertical flyer holders (with 3 spaces) are a great way to do this. Adding another form of media, other than just paper, is helpful (laptop presentations, slide shows on a backdrop, etc.).

7. Is parking validated at the event?

All booths include one parking pass – where required a pass is required. A second parking pass is included in the “Premium Placement” option.

8. Will there be food at the event?

Small snacks are provided as it can be a long day/night. However, it is advised that if you need more sustenance, you can bring a sack meal. Food is rarely available for purchase around the event venues.

9. Can I have candy at my booth for the kids/parents?

While this is a big draw for the kids and therefore the parents, it’s often hard for the parents to say “no” to the kids when they really don’t want them to have candy. In addition, most hard candy is a choking hazard for the little kids. If you are going to have candy at your booth, something other than hard candy is preferred (chocolate, gummy bears, etc.).

10. What are some creative ways to draw people to my booth?

Providing something for the kids to do is usually the best way to draw families to your booth. Bag tosses, prize wheels, and free giveaways are some ideas. Free marketing materials with your logo on it serve a dual purpose (i.e. reusable bags, pencils, CD holders, note pads, etc.) Colorful, multi-level displays help bring people to your booth as well.

11.  What information will you need from me to participate in the event?

ParentMap requests that each vendor provides a certificate of insurance naming ParentMap as the additional insured for the day of the event.  This will cover any unforeseeable mishaps that may occur at the event.  We also request that each vendor fills out the event program information form which will be sent to you when you register.  It's suggested that you fill out this form as soon as you get the e-mail in order to ensure your organization is in the program.  

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