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Feeling so much better now.

Published on: December 30, 2013

There's been a change in me lately. Everyone's noticed it! Where once I was anxious and stressed, I am now more relaxed, more cheerful, feeling more connected to the world, other people, little birdies in the trees. What life-altering event has led to this change? Why, the birth of this here blog, GPS.

A new study in CyberPsychology and Behavior (a page turner, srsly) confirms what I've been suspecting: Blogging is good for you! Researchers in Australia interviewed a bunch of MySpacers and found that those who also blogged felt happier, less alone, and more like they can rely on others (!).

Perhaps this is not surprising. The isolated nature of even a great job like my own can lead to crazy-like behaviors, such as muttering to cats, wearing slippers at the drive-thru, and obsessive visits to Flikr and Sugar and Dooce. "Getting out more" - even virtually - can't be a bad thing.

So that's the scoop on writing blogs. Blogging makes you a happier person. Next study: What does reading blogs do for you? And does adding comments count? Let's find out!

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