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9 Supercool Tree Houses, Forts and Lookouts Around Seattle to Explore With Kids

Unleash your kids’ imaginations exploring a fort, climbing a tower or touring a tree house

Published on: May 25, 2023

9 Supercool Tree Houses, Forts and Lookouts Around Seattle to Explore With Kids

Girl on the bridgeway approach to new Sammamish tree house in Big Rock park
Sammamish treehouse. Credit: Vicky McDonald

2. Sammamish tree house, Sammamish

In a quiet corner of Big Rock Park Central in Sammamish, there is an impressive tree house to explore. The tree house was constructed in 2013 and includes a stylish tapered stair entrance, a fully enclosed meeting room, a rigid bridge, a suspension bridge and a lookout. In short, this is a very fancy tree house with lots of unique features and a polished finish. The tree house is open to the public on scheduled dates, but you have to pounce on the reservations to get a spot.

Info: Visits to the tree house are free and by reservation only; no walk-ups are allowed. Reserve a 20-minute visit on the Sammamish tree house website. While parking is limited in the Big Rock Central lot, but there is more parking nearby at Big Rock Park North lot.

Don’t miss: Opposite the tree house, you can explore a heritage garden with a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Even if you don’t snag tickets for the tree house, you can admire it from the outside. And you can always visit nearby Big Rock Park North and its cool nature playground, which includes a zip line, a hillside slide and a mile and a half of easy hiking trails — plus, as the name suggests, a seriously large rock! 

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