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Get Young Kids Excited About Doing Chores With These Clever Tools

These clever tools will encourage your kid to master some useful household tasks

Vicky McDonald

Published on: February 12, 2021


Let's get to work!

Young kids love pretending to be grown-ups by playing with cell phones and trying on their parent’s shoes. While this is all very fun and cute, it's an excellent time for parents to harness that excitement and teach them some useful grown-up responsibilities, such as household chores. By teaching them some basic tasks and giving them the right tools (not plasticky toys), you're helping them master important life skills and giving them a sense of independence at the same time. There is nothing more wonderful than when your preschooler proudly accomplishes their first grown-up task like vacuuming the floor or making a salad.

To get your kid's household chore apprenticeship started we've picked out the best helper tools to encourage your kid to master some new skills. Scroll through the arrows above for some useful ideas. 

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