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Giveaway: Father's Day at the SJCC, including 'Havana Curveball' Showing and Bagels

Havana Curveball
How's this for a fantastic Father's Day plan? We're giving away four tickets to celebrate Father's Day at the SJCC on Mercer Island on Sunday, June 21 from 10:30 a.m.-noon, including movie tickets to see the wonderful baseball movie, Havana Curveball, plus bagels, schmear, juice and coffee.

How to enter to win 

To enter the giveaway, email ParentMap's Giveaway Queen at, with subject line "Havana" (it should automatically populate).

This giveaway ends Wednesday, June 17, 2015. ParentMap’s ultra-benevolent Giveaway Queen will contact the lucky winner soon after the giveaway ends.

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