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17 Kid-Friendly Lodges for Fantastic Family Getaways

Awesome family vacation spots around the Pacific Northwest

Lauren Braden

Published on: February 04, 2021

17 Kid-Friendly Lodges for Fantastic Family Getaways

Paradise Inn at Mount Rainier

6. Paradise Inn

You’ll know you’ve reached Paradise when you get out of your car and say, “This really does look like paradise!” Built in 1916 of silver fir and renovated a few years ago, the Paradise Inn hosts guests in summer months only and offers an unrivaled experience on “The Mountain.” Set in the shadow of an active volcano clad in snow and ice, the picturesque lodge is surrounded by vibrant meadows of blooming wildflowers. Several trails (some paved and flat enough for a stroller) depart from the lodge parking area and lead you through flower fields crossed by babbling streams and dotted with foraging marmots. Lodge room sizes vary and can accommodate two to six people. Enjoy evenings in the lodge restaurant or the huge communal lobby where your kids can show off those music lessons on the antique piano.

Details: 98368 Paradise-Longmire Rd., Mount Rainier National Park; 855-755-2275

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