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8 Healthier, Kid-Approved Hanukkah Recipes

Who knows? Maybe these might just become family staples

Published on: December 01, 2020

Dairy-free latke hotdish with brisket. Photo credit: My Name Is Yeh

A new family tradition?

Eating oily fried foods like potato latkes and sufganiyot is a Hanukkah tradition that offers a reminder of the miracle of the holiday. And while the kids may be all about it, after eight nights, the grease-filled, carb-loaded menu starts to feel heavy.

Lighten things up for Hanukkah this year by adding some healthier options to your table. With the clever addition of extra veggies, going baked instead of fried, and reducing on carbs, dairy and sugar, these kid-friendly twists on Hanukkah classics might just become family staples. 

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