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How to Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Sanctuary This Fall

Get inspired by these warm and snug home décor ideas

Published on: September 24, 2020

How to Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Sanctuary This Fall

Metal garland from Anthropologie

Celebrate the season

Metal hurricane candles from Pottery Barn

Seasonal décor is such a fun addition to your home in the fall, and jack-o'-lanterns and ghosts are perfect for the weeks leading up to Halloween. But for a less holiday-centric option, a dried wreath can add soft autumn texture to your home. This wheat wreath should last you through several autumns, as long as it’s stored properly. 

Adding a few seasonal bits to your fireplace mantle can really set the tone for the rest of your home. A pressed metal autumn leaves garland is perfect for draping across the mantle, but if you don’t have a fireplace, it can easily be hung from a window or door frame. 

When in doubt, add a pumpkin. These woven decorative pumpkins are very sweet and even have a bit of a sassy edge with a spiky stem. And for a more traditional, classic option, you could set up pillar candles in these gorgeous weathered metal hurricanes

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