I don't recognize my mornings

Published on: December 30, 2013

I’ve been a mom for five years and a few months. I’m pretty much beyond being able to remember what mornings were like before kids. I vaguely recall something about the Today show, sipping coffee leisurely while flipping through the paper. And showering.

Nowadays, my son bursts into our room at 7am sharp. He wants Sesame Street and snacks. A little while later, he requests an actual breakfast. Maybe some attention. My daughter needs to be changed, dressed and coerced downstairs.

In the eye of this whirlwind, I have to ready myself too. I’m partial to soap, water and makeup. But it doesn’t always happen the way I hope.

The beds need to be made, the dishwasher emptied, laundry started, lunches packed and water bottles filled. All before we make it out the door to wherever we’re going that day.

Many things about parenting have surprised me. As a single, relatively carefree girl, I was unable to imagine parenting while bleary-eyed and barely awake. Now, I only have faint recollections of how it used to be in the wee hours with no one but myself to worry about.

What’s your story? How has your morning routine changed since having children?

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