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We’re all too familiar with the annual exercise of making New Year's resolutions. Having reflected on our past year and wanting life to be better, we try to create a private roadmap for our lives. Generally we aspire for greater success, less weight, more exercise, deeper love, better jobs, more money and always better balance. I, however, am pathetically consistent at only one thing when it comes to resolutions: my failure to keep any past, say, January 7. But this year I’m really going to try and stick to one: Be more mindful.

Get a jump on mindfulness by kicking back with this latest issue. You’ll be inspired to act the tech-savvy fathers in our feature; you’ll be moved by the latest addition to our ongoing STREAM series; and, finally, you’ll be impressed by the family of Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett.

So with that, welcome to 2017! 

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Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett Talks Football, Family and a Foundation

Pain Pills: The Risk of Having Them Around the House

Abortion: The Parenting Decision No One Talks About

Banking on Baby Teeth: Dental Stem Cells and Regenerative Therapies


Dear Reader: This New Year's Resolution Is On My Mind

Home Sweet Home:

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Out & About: 

Family Birding Takes Flight


Math Class: Why Aren't Girls Getting the Same Support As Boys?


Diabetes in the Digital Age 


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