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Mommy's getting a boob job

Published on: December 30, 2013

Planning a little personal re-engineering? Here's a special way to break it to the kids: A new book that explains Mommy's nifty new nose and super-tight tummy to the tots. It's written by a plastic surgeon, who says a lot of moms tell him they don't know how to explain their bruises, wraps, and resulting perfection to their kids.

A snippet:

"Why are you going to look different?" asks the daughter of her mother in the car ride back from the doctor's office.

"Not just different, my dear — prettier!" exclaims the mother.

OK. On the one hand, if plastic surgery is your thing - and fine by me if it is - then why not have a good book to help the kids understand?

On the other hand....eeeuuuuchhh!

Your thoughts?

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