"Night" moves: Woodland Park Zoo announces Night Exhibit closure date

Published on: December 30, 2013

Before we get to the bad news, here's your slow loris fix for the day:

OK, that was the happy -- now the sad. The Woodland Park Zoo announced the closure date of its oh-so-popular Night Exhibit today -- it's going away on March 1.

Plan a trip over there if you're a pygmy or slow loris fan (we certainly are!);they're two of the several species that are either being moved to other zoos or going off view to the public. Critters that are being moved to other areas of the zoo include a pair of two-toed sloths (Tropical Rain Forest) and Rodrigues fruit bats (yay!), tamanduas and springhaas (Adaptations Building). A three-banded armadillo will stay at the zoo, but will be used for education programs. These animals were chosen to stay because they're not completely nocturnal but are also active when the sun's up.

According to Deputy Director Bruce Bohmke, the zoo can't accept donations to help keep the Night Exhibit open -- but it will be accepting donations for the care and upkeep of the animals that remain on-site. Throw some money their way here.

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