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Not Your Grandma’s Thanksgiving Pies

8 decadent and different variations on traditional Thanksgiving pies

Published on: November 07, 2019

Not Your Grandma’s Thanksgiving Pies


Make a new tradition

Pie isn't usually at the top of my dessert list, but when Thanksgiving rolls around each year, I'm reminded that a Thanksgiving meal wouldn’t be complete without one, or several. While I was never a fan of my grandmother's pies, particularly the pumpkin chiffon and mincemeat varieties, I was always fully on board with pie being included in the Thanksgiving tradition. 

Now that I'm in charge of my own Thanksgiving menu, the pie needs to be a pretty special recipe in order to earn its place at the table. It has to be yummy, interesting and appeal to more than just the septuagenarians on the guest list. 

These eight pie ideas tick all the boxes and are all new or updated takes on Thanksgiving classics. From chocolate pecan to rosemary pear, you'll want to make room for these sweet treats.

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