ParentMap, April 2015 Issue

Published on: March 27, 2015

Our April Issue is all about the Superheroes: 14 inspiring individuals making a difference for Washington kids and families. From an educator changing the way schools view success, to an empowerer working to create a safehaven for children, our 2015 heroes all deserve a round of applause!

We also offer our latest installment in our work/life balance focus, which includes tips on how to on-ramp back into the work force after a parenting break. And speaking of careers, did you know that girls are getting more involved in STEM programs and job fields?

As spring surges on and you start to think about summer trips, make sure to check out our highlight of a new up-and-coming camping trend: yurts!

Plus check out our freshly hatched Baby Issue for all things baby!

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Ages & Stages:

4-9: How to Throw a Zero Drama Birthday Bash

10-13: Inviting Girls into STEM

14-18: Getting a Running Start

Making it Work:

The Mother of Reinvention

Special Issue: ParentMap Baby

Diaper Duty: Diaper Options are Changing

MOD Squad Nurseries: Gender-Neutral, Multipurpose, and Totally Cool

To Test or Not To Test? What Parents-to-Be Need to Know about Genetic Testing

Have Baby, Will Travel (Gear!)

Best Baby Stops and Outings Around Puget Sound

2015 Superheroes!

Out & About: 

Yurts 101: Once You 'Camp' This Way, You'll Never Go Back

Dear Reader: We're All Heroes

Brain Fuel: Parent News, Snack-Sized

Ask the Experts:

When a Teen's Mood is Something More Serious

When is Anxiety a Bigger Issue?

After-School Special: 

Elevating Art, Elevating Youth 


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