ParentMap, December 2012 Issue

Published on: November 28, 2012

ParentMap, December 2012


How fast it all happens! It seems like just a minute ago it was carefree summer, and now suddenly Thanksgiving is finished and the holidays upon us. Despite the weather, there is really no better time than the dark months of winter to get cozy with loved ones, reflect on what's important and what makes you thankful, and enjoy some of the incredible holiday arts and events that our cultural Northwest has to offer.

There are, of course, gifts to buy, and our pretty story-list of 25 timeless gifts and books plus 15 hot tech toys and app stocking stuffers will help you satisfy adored kiddos of all ages.

Winter is also a reflective time, and our feature story on how to talk to kids about mortality brings advice plus a sense of gratitude for our lives. And if darkness also brings depression, we've got resources to help.


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Ages & Stages:
0-3 Our Princess Boys: Breaking Gender Norms With Toys and Tiaras
4-7 They Won't Play With Me! What To Do When Your Child Is Left Out
8-12 Family Traditions: Finding Meaning, Joy and Community
13-18 Keeping Your Cool: Coping With the College Craziness


Feature: Mortality: How Do You Talk to Kids About Death?

Out & About: Our 2012 Seattle-Area Holiday Arts Guide for Kids and Families and our list of 25 Timeless Toys and Books for Kids of All Ages

Giving Together
Women's Wellness

Publisher's Note

Easy E SulkinGrateful

We get so much from our parents. Gratitude for life’s bounty allows the fortunate amongst us to reflect on the most memorable gifts we may have received: unconditional love; a core belief system; impeccable values. Perhaps the even luckier get a dab of neuroses, obsessions, a quirky something to help navigate life’s bumpy journey. I say we’re best positioned to make those decisions to intentionally forgo some of what our parents gave us.

A group read of Family traditions gives us the opportunity to step back from the frenzy and re-imagine or create family customs. As excitement builds for our annual Midwest gathering, I am thankful for my mother’s weekly, rigid, insistence that Shabbat candles were lit for Friday dinner.

Timeless toys and books will trigger your own walk down memory lane. There is no tech-offensive with Tommy toddler pulling a Walk-A-Long Puppy or big sib building a marble run! “Baby-zoomer Grammy” Linda Morgan, managing editor, hits my gift-giving sweet spot with the experiential. Any child will love spending time with you baking, playing baseball or sharing any of the 50 attractions in our Holiday arts guide.

Our princess boys time-warped me back 18 years with our son Eli or “Easy E.”! So chill, yet Eli has always elegantly presented his strong convictions with passion, whether advocating for extra treats or his candidate. His unruffled grace models ways our whole family could improve communications. Pictured above pretty-in-pink and bejeweled by older sister, he loved the attention, until his foot came down hard. We always assumed he would move on from the Barbie days, and he did. Our kids do a great job directing their life choices while reflecting our modeled foundation of values, if we give them space.

I sign off 2012 humbled by the many great gifts in my life. I am beholden to my husband, whom I adore and who makes me laugh with his offbeat and irreverent humor, our three kids (one with an unimaginably great boyfriend) who are healthy, living near, and about to join us in lighting the Friday night candles.

My daily joy of publishing ParentMap has me in constant partnership with a team of the most extraordinarily intelligent, innovative, and kind humans one could wish for.

Let’s give and live generously this holiday season,


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