ParentMap, February 2011 issue

Published on: January 28, 2011

February 2011 ParentMap Issue 

Tot zombies

...that's the fear of many professionals who are finding that these days, our preschoolers are watching twice the recommended daily amount of TV. The statistics are alarming and we can't help but wonder -- are we becoming a TV nation?

"There's an app for that!" See our 40 favorite apps for parents and children.

Counting down the days until your next parents night out? We've got the scoop on cheap, easy and local alternatives to finding a babysitter!

Also not to be missed -- find out how even the busiest of mothers can make easy and healthy homemade baby food!

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Ages & Stages:

Getting School Ready: Is your child a bully?

Out & About:

Feature: TV nation: Viewing time hits new heights

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About this issue

. . . and iPad makes three!

Lately, something has come between me and my honey: a new device! After years of being known as a no-tech Renaissance guy, my husband has gone tech with a vengeance. Recently, I caught him sneaking his iPad out on a grocery run to keep tuned into a college bowl game. I see the need for an intervention! This month’s feature, “TV nation”, focuses on the incredible spike in TV viewing that undoubtedly stems in part from the increasingly portability of TV. The story is about kids, but there’s a need for change in adult behavior, as well. After all, role-modeling is key to creating good habits. We adults need to make sure we’re not scolding our kids for media multitasking even as we’re constantly sneaking peeks at our iPhones. As for TV, I’m never in front of the set these days, but I love my more-than-occasional cozy couch date with my 9-year-old, watching Hulu on a laptop to catch our favorite Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched episodes.

While pondering the meaningful use of media, our excellent editorial assistant Jen Betterley came up with a must-see list of great apps for parents and kids. Find the closest bathroom, zone out with iFish Pond, or play goofy Mad Libs games together — you’re bound to find one or two new ideas in this issue. And if it seems like there’s a party happening every time your teen logs onto the computer, check out “Your multitasking teen” to find great ideas for keeping Facebook status updates separate from studying.

My own tween asked me the other day, in front of two friends with recently divorced parents: “Don’t you and Daddy go out every Saturday night?” I later learned that, in her mind, our Saturday night dates are equated with marital success. Her naive view of complex relationships contains a modicum of truth, at least for us. Our home life may seem mostly chaotic, but we hold two things sacred: our Friday night family dinners, and our no-kids Saturday nights. “Parent’s night out” offers simple, cost-effective childcare solutions that will leave you without any excuse not to spend time alone this Valentine’s Day!

P. S. Our March 8 lecture with Dr. John Gottman is sure to sell out — get your tickets without delay! (

—Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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