ParentMap, February 2012 Issue

Published on: January 31, 2012

  February 2012 ParentMap Issue  

It used to be assumed that siblings were a must for a happy childhood. But these days, researchers are making a pretty convincing case as to why this isn't so -- with one expert noting that only-child families are actually becoming the traditional norm.

This month, we also take a look at how parents can nurture their young introverts, help preschoolers stand up to bullies and the scary trend of sexual harrassment in schools.

And love is certainly in the air this month with Valentine's Day! If you're looking for a "parents-only" getaway, we've got the scoop on some seriously sweet in-city and nearby places that are perfect for getting in that much needed R&R with your sweetie.

Here's wishing your family a month filled with plenty of love!

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Ages & Stages:
0-2 Is your child a late talker?
3-5 Tiny tyrants: Helping kids stand up to bullies
6-10 Nurturing your introvert
11-18 Sexual harrassment at school

Out & About: Romantic getaways -- in and around Seattle

Someone you should know: Ludovic Morlot

Feature: Parenting an only child: Are siblings a must for childhood happiness?

This month's Postings
Giving Together
Green Bites
Mind + Body

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About this issue

Alayne and Bobby Sulkin

All you need is love — and kisses

Love is in the air! That’s why we’d like to make sure you understand the importance of kissing. If our wish comes true, you will increase your spousal smooching from perhaps nearly never to a daily dose. Plus, we’re hoping that you’ll want to kiss and tell. Delightfully, the outcome of liberal lip-locking is the release of those often hidden happy hormones, endorphins and oxytocin. Act on this, and you’ll feel a bit sillier and sexier, just as my husband and I — veterans in the game of love — feel, approaching our 30th anniversary.

Since it’s “decreed that we be romantic” this month, our witty Out and About editor, Elisa Murray, offers romantic escape ideas to satisfy the “tree hugger, urbanite, foodie or skier” in us.

A marital love conversation with ParentMap is incomplete without tips and a lecture from Dr. John Gottman, “Making Marriage Work: Trust, Love, Loyalty."

The love that’s closest to my heart is the unconditional way we love our children. So why are so many couples raising a singleton these days?. The topic fascinated us as we discussed how our own siblings helped define us.

I was often described as “one of the twins” for most of my youth, and I rejoiced in it. I gulped when reading this month’s feature quoting Dr. Douglas Downey of Ohio State University saying, “Siblings are good for nothing,” and applauded at another researcher’s findings that sibling conflicts offer up “valuable teaching mechanisms.” Spacing our kids 10 and 15 years apart (now ages 25, 20 and 10), it feels like we raised a series of three singletons. I feel blessed with the best of both worlds, especially in the rare moments that we’re all together, delighting in each other’s company.

When love is in the air, music is not far behind. We’re honored to introduce Ludovic Morlot, Seattle Symphony’s new music director, in this month's "Someone You Should Know" column. You’ll appreciate his approach to music and the beautiful journey music lovers will experience under his superb direction.

Start kissing!


P.S. Join us Feb. 4 at St. Thomas for CampFair and March 1 to hear Ashley Merryman, co-author of NurtureShock, speak at our lecture series.

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