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ParentMap is again the proud recipient of 10 Parenting Publications of America Awards

MARCH, 2006

Contact: Suzanne Goren, Marketing Manager


“This publication reflects its Seattle roots, where strong design meets a sense of public conscience. Cover designs are highly original. Strong story content is easily navigable, thanks to age labels. Overall, a delight.”

These were just a few of the comments by the judges who presented the Bronze award to ParentMap Magazine for General Excellence at the annual Parenting Publications of America trade association conference last week.  Having grown from infancy (ParentMap launched in April 2003) to now being a confident toddler at 3-plus years old, ParentMap has been judged to be the second BEST Parenting Publication in North America by the highly respected University of Missouri's School of Journalism. And, the only recognized publication in the Northwest.

Parenting Publications of America (PPA) gave out 375 Editorial and Design Competition awards to parenting newspapers and magazines at a banquet on March 4, 2006, the climax of the three-day PPA Annual Convention in Philadelphia, PA. “The purpose of the PPA awards competition is to encourage a high level of journalistic performance and service to communities by recognizing editorial excellence and outstanding visual presentation in parenting publications." Over 1000 entries were judged this year in categories ranging from editorial content, photography, website, calendar, covers and more.

The PPA represents over 120 publications throughout North America, Australia and Europe. The entries were judged by a team of professors from the University of Missouri, one of the most prestigious journalism schools in the country.  

Highlights of the judges’ comments and awards received by ParentMap include:

Front Cover/Glossy: Original Photo /Silver

This simple image is beautiful and daring.  A story on multiracial families provides a perfect opportunity to run a black-and-white image on the cover.  The photograph’s strengths are the strong horizontal lines, the loving arms around the baby and the tonal contrast in the skin.

Front cover/Glossy: Original illustration/Gold

The beautiful, quiet illustration blends seamlessly with its tease. The type was chosen perfectly to complement the image. The colors in the illustration set the tone for the entire design in a sophisticated way. The same colors are used in subordinate teases without causing confusion.

Calendar of Events–Silver

 “Out & About” in ParentMap includes many reader friendly features. It has an index of listings; it’s organized by date; breakout features give close-up views of topics; it includes Web site addresses; and events that are free have that word in red letters, all caps in the listings.

Travel Feature, Vibrant Vancouver-Silver

Here’s a rare bit of close-to-home adventure, a border-crossing visit to a city that sure seems enticing. The ‘if you go’ details are plentiful and specific.

Overall Photography-Gold

Photos are well-conceived to communicate themes of stories clearly. In addition, there is a variety of photographic styles and perspectives that match the stories well.

Best Overall Use of Color-Bronze

The repeated sandstone and dark blue section toppers and consistent use of colors on inside pages raised this magazine above others for best use of colors.  Particularly striking is the cover, “Multiracial Families,” with a photo that inspires “ahs” and headline to match in tone and content.

Best Overall Use of Photography-Silver

Font size and leading produce pages that are open, inviting and easy to read. Headers are used consistently to organize the publication. Use of sans for listings is effective.

News Feature-Bronze

It’s an important question, and the answer appears to be yes. This article shows and tells how and why. There's also a helpful expert guide to helping boys learn.

Ancillary Feature Design-Gold

This design gets its message across quickly with the use of artistic elements and color to enhance the photography. The consistent feel throughout the four pages is achieved through photo shape and style, clean type and color use, and the elegant and subtle use of texture in the strips across the top and bottom of the pages.

Web Site Design-Silver

Excellent set of calendars and special sections for local features. Stories are clear and well-written, and they quote locals with real parenting problems. Lots of resources for parents.

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