ParentMap, July 2007 Issue

Published on: July 02, 2007

ParentMap July 2007 issue Our
July issue features favorite places to shop, eat, play and more as we
bring you the results of our annual reader poll of regional top picks.
We also talk with Dr. Graciela Italiano-Thomas from Thrive by Five,
cover age-appropriate fitness ideas in Ages & Stages and dig up the
dirt on dinosaurs and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Out & About.
Getting School Ready goes to the zoo, and we follow up on our June
climate change article with concrete tips for what you can do to reduce
your impact on the atmosphere.

ParentMap Picks

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Ages & Stages:

Getting School Ready:
Going ape

Out & About:

Parenting for peace

Issues: Dr. Graciela Italiano-Thomas: Washington's new early learning dynamo

A tantrum survival kit

Media: This month's featured media

From the readers:

Letters to the Editor


About this issue

Dear Reader:
Alayne Sulkin
“There is something special going on here,” says Graciela
Italiano-Thomas, referring to the miraculous support for advocacy,
action and measurable outcomes in early learning in our state. We are
lucky to have this energetic, charismatic, intelligent woman in the
pivotal leadership position at the state’s partnership for early
learning, Thrive by Five.

But luck did not get Graciela Italiano-Thomas here.

Years of gritty work and determination by many devoted souls with a
clear vision did. From my position, beginning 6 years ago as a
Foundation for Early Learning board member (thanks to the soft-spoken
great force in Seattle for early learning and peace, Listening Mothers’
founder, Yaffa Maritz, Voice) to my present place as ParentMap
publisher, I have witnessed the astonishing progress that has been
made. Early learning advanced because government, businesses and many
hundreds of people dedicated their time to a long list of nonprofits
and foundations with a common purpose to “get every child in our state
ready for school by the age of 5.” (Update.) We are delighted that Italiano-Thomas picked Washington State!

ParentMap Picks
gives an amusing voice to your serious votes on the best places to eat,
shop, play and share in our neighborhoods! Can you measure the crazy
fun your family will have checking off each winner — ice cream, toy
store, pizza, sunny-day-play and ethnic eats?

Be sure you are walking or biking to these chow adventures!

This month’s Ages & Stages on keeping fit will stop you in your grazing tracks! Get Moving, Girl!
references a study stating that teens who are physically active are
less likely to have sex, smoke, drink or drive drunk, use illegal
drugs, miss school or have low self-esteem. As our kids’ first and most
important teacher, ask yourself: Are you moving your own body enough
and setting a good example?

Enjoy July!

 —Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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