ParentMap, July 2008 Issue

Published on: July 01, 2008

ParentMap July 2008 issue

Life with kids? Not always a cake-walk. It pays to have friends in high places - or at least, friends who know the scoop and are willing to dish. Enter the crazy-wise readers of ParentMap. You know your way around the many, many fab places for eats and shopping scores - and you sure know how to have fun!

So here they are, your Gold Compass awards - your need-to-knows from locals like you who get out and about with kids!



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About this issue

Dear Reader,    

I get by with a little help from my friends, and in July, you are my best friends! Your inside scoops and crazy-wise guidance add much to my summer-fun planning - all found within the pages of our annual ParentMap Gold Compass Awards, North and South.  Local adventures and great options abound ‘round here for families; our annual readers' survey helps us all navigate all that is new, fun and exciting - and reminds us about some long-forgotten hidden treasures. Eat, Shop, Play + Go all summer long - from tucked-away neighborhood bookstores and toy stores to adventures in the Issaquah "Alps." Thank you all for the many hundreds of votes - and for sharing your best-kept secrets for fun and great deals.

 "Thirteen weeks of summer - 13 ways to stay safe" may be just the group read for the family dinner table tonight. Why not remind one another of how we can better protect ourselves from the elements we love so dearly before any minor sun or fun disasters? As one of a pair of redheads who spent every summer on Lake Michigan, I often ended my long beach days with a handful from our father's jar of Noxema to cool the heat emanating from our freckled bodies - so last-century and easy to avoid!

PartyMap will delight your cup-cakie eco-birthday-planning self with earth-friendly party ideas, budget-friendly bashes, and "Unique ways to welcome baby." How could we possibly improve on the near-perfect b-day bashes for little Maya Moosie these past two steamy and sunny July 27s? With sprinklers on, a rented jumpy house and a Sno-cone machine - backyard perfection!

Happy Birthday America!

- Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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