ParentMap, July 2011 Issue

Published on: June 27, 2011

  July 2011 ParentMap Issue  

Fact or fiction: Will tube time cause your child to have ADHD? Can BPA really cause early puberty?

This month, we take a hard look at five common health concerns for kids. Worried parents, never fear -- we've got plenty of facts and answers just for you!

Who's smarter -- your daughter, who's a serious geometry whiz or your son, who can leap from rock to rock while fighting the powers of evil with his light saber? Learn more about these unique kinds of "smart" and how every little bit makes a difference.

And if you're looking for some summer fun, consider checking out the Bivalve Bash on July 16. Muck through a low tide mud run with the kiddos, peruse the world's only oyster shell sculpture contest or boogie down with the fam after a fresh seafood lunch. This festival's your oyster!

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Feature: Demystifying five kids' health concerns

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Maya and GraceAbout this issue

Scary to silly
Scary: Washington State has the highest rate of kids’ vaccine exemptions in the country (Fact or fiction: Demystifying five kids' health concerns). This month, ParentMap delves into the fears contributing to this statistic, plus several other pervasive and scary health concerns. As always, we’re bringing you what you expect from us: excellent reporting with information from the most highly respected researchers such as those at Seattle Children’s and the UW. Some of your fears and anxieties will be alleviated, while some will be elevated.

Silly: It’s summertime (hopefully we’re feeling it)! We’ve got the dirt on some serious fun for you and the kids. We’ve either been hiding under moss-covered rocks or my family is the last to know about the Bivalve Bash’s Low Tide Mud Run. This sounds like cutting-edge, knee-deep muddy excitement that will have your kids thinking you are simply the most insanely fun parent.

Personally, I’m going for that title!

So, you’re into titles? VOTE for your favorite family-friendly businesses and resources in this year's Golden Teddy Awards! Tell us your picks for best kid-friendly ethnic restaurant, cutest clothing boutique, best dance class and more than 70 other categories through July 14.

Great for all kids is PlayGarden, our ParentMap Honey beneficiary for July. PlayGarden has created a space where children of all abilities can play outdoors and stretch their imaginations and independence. Sign up to receive ParentMap Honey, great family-friendly deals in your inbox, and five percent of your purchases this month will go to PlayGarden.

I needed to stretch my imagination to wrap my mind around the difference a year makes. Last year, our then-8-year-old was filled with understandable trepidation when left suddenly buddy-less at her first overnight camp experience. She more than survived; she thrived having worked through the extreme emotions of those early days with our care packages and TLC from great counselors. Maya went back again this year with neighbor and BFF Grace with the gusto of having overcome those first fears. She gained something we wish for all of our children — the strength of knowing that she did not give up and came out the better for it.

Soak up the sun, have some fun and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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