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ParentMap Launches Spanish Language On-line Calendar for 2007

For Immediate Release:
January, 2007

Suzanne Goren
Marketing Manager

ParentMap Launches Spanish Language On-line Calendar for 2007
Spanish Language on-line calendar, debut of three new magazine features are a few of the changes at ParentMap newsmagazine.

January brings exciting changes to ParentMap. In 2007, the newsmagazine and online resource have more to offer parents and the community than ever before. ParentMap has launched a Spanish language on-line calendar, featuring all of the exciting family activities currently found in print and online. The Spanish-language on-line calendar speaks to our growing readership and community alliances. ParentMap’s calendar is truly the oxygen of the newsmagazine, both in print and online. It is only fitting that its first outreach effort to Puget Sounds Latino community would be through its calendar. The online calendar will include activities in all regions, stretching from Everett to Tacoma.

ParentMap believes the addition to its website meets a growing need in the Puget Sound community and its diverse populations, as well as furthering our mission to be the “intelligent, trusted, essential resource connecting Puget Sound parents and community”.

Go to for more information and to view the calendar today!

The January issue also launches three new regular features:

    “Taste”- local celebrity chefs share their favorite recipes and tips for families
“Watch”- ParentMap keeps an eye on Olympia and the courts for stories that affect families
    “Media”-The best in books, music, movies and games for families

In addition to the new columns, ParentMap will introduce new publications in 2007 including LearningMap, SummerMap, and Nest, a special home and housing guide with information families need to settle (or re-settle) in our region. ParentMap will continue to publish its widely read Family Directory and BabyMap, for those early years in the adventure of parenting.

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