ParentMap, March 2007 Issue

Published on: March 01, 2007

ParentMap March 2007 issue


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    Dear Reader:

    ParentMap was born in April 2003 with a particular vision to bring you information that I believed was kept tooAlayne Sulkin insular to academic and research circles. You and I as parents had the greatest need for — yet not enough access to — our area’s “famous authors, tireless advocates, brilliant scientists, researchers, and thinkers.” (“Parenting Experts.”) Meet the ParentMap advisory board — a veritable “who’s who,” selected to serve in order to ensure that our editorial pulse is always beating with indispensable information for parents like you. You will hopefully appreciate their collective wisdom, heartfelt concern for children and families, and the one important thing they want you — and all parents — to remember.

    Wisdom is most needed when it comes to sleep (or lack thereof) at any age. This month, we bring you five stories about sleep, and strategies for exhausted parents and their children. Having survived my three kids’ years of sleeplessness as infants, I am shocked that divorce rates are not higher for young couples.

    It’s a rough time for all. It’s hard to admit, but I am a wicked and evil person without my sleep. Most women pushing middle age don’t require teenage sleep hours that enter double digits — I do. Our third baby’s intuition that she had elder parents has her in the record books for sleep longevity at an amazingly young age. Of course, balance in the universe is created by my more patient insomniac husband, whose mildly dark side only comes out when he is not fed. He would run to the wee-hour wailing of baby #1 or #2 after I would unconsciously shut off the baby monitor. Could one call this a strategy? The Ages & Stages section offers great insights, from new-parent strategies for sleep to helping prevent a most serious risk: drowsy teen driving.

    And, while we applaud our civic mecca of local parenting experts in this month’s feature, let’s not forget the leadership at Seattle Art Museum. It has created one of the most outstanding and fun public spaces in this area’s history with the Olympic Sculpture Park waiting to be enjoyed by all.

    —Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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