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ParentMap, May 2007 Issue

ParentMap May 2007 issue

This month, we focus on mothers' rights just in time for Mother's Day. We also interview the new superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, and we focus on health in Ages & Stages. Out & About takes us to the San Juans for whale watching; in Voice, we cover how to cope with a parent's long absence from home; and in Getting School Ready we discuss the dangers of overindulgence. 

Feature: Mothers' Rights: MomsRising and the struggle for change

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Getting School Ready: How much is too much?

Out & About:

Voice: Susan Spieker: Coping with long absences

Issues: The new Seattle schools chief


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About this issue

Dear Reader:

The May feature article, "Mothers' Rights," is about all of us: you, me and ParentMap.Alayne Sulkin

We live in a magnificently beautiful and politically progressive state, relative to the other 49. We love the majestic unparalleled beauty and perfumed air this time of year. And if the Medical and Family Leave Act gets signed by Governor Gregoire this month, we will be one of only two states (along with California) that have a paid family leave law. Appreciation for this progress goes to Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, the bill's sponsor, and to Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner,'s creator.

Progress, however, is relative.

How tired are we of hearing that the U.S. is one of only five countries in the world (along with Swaziland, Lesotho, Liberia, and Papua New Guinea) with no paid leave for new moms? Don't we -- all U.S. families and not just the "progressive" West Coast -- and the next generation of moms, dads and kids deserve more, given this society's power and relative wealth?

That is where we (you, me and ParentMap) come in.

ParentMap was born with a clear mission and charge to be "the intelligent, trusted, essential resource" in the area. Your continued positive feedback along with our recent sweep of 14 national awards for excellence in editorial and design (March, 2007) means we must be on track.

But what really keeps us going is our collective dream to be an agent for change in this region and beyond.

Your brain can not take in the statistics in this month's feature without sharing Rowe-Finkbeiner's disgust for where women are in 2007. So let's you and I join MomsRising and work to transform what we think is wrong with our society regarding families and women. ParentMap pledges to persist in providing germane editorial features and advocating for local and national change. We resolutely commit to supporting efforts to make our state and country more fair and just for families.

Just a little more work for us, with a big pay-off. Happy Mother's Day!

--Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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