ParentMap, November 2013 Issue

Published on: October 22, 2013

ParentMap, October 2013


Fall is almost over and the holidays are about to begin. As you gather with your family, creating warm memories to cherish, it's a time to reflect on our world and where it's going. Join us as we explore what has changed for parents in a world of Twitter and twerking.

You'll also find an introduction to our year-long commitment to explore the issues surrounding gun violence; advice on steering your kids toward good role models; information on how to protect your kids from hearing damage, and much more.

As you begin to plan your family holidays, check out our ideas for last-minute Thanksgiving family escapes, and get inspired by gift ideas that promote meaning over materialism.

We hope the new season inspires clarity, hope and vision for you and your family!

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Ages & Stages:
0–2 Taxing Toddler Tantrums: Tantrums, Thumbs and More
3-7 Discipline: Getting Creative with Consequences
8–12 After-School Activities: Kids 'Specialize' Earlier than Ever
13–18 The Shared-Custody Shuffle: Helping Your Teen Cope With Separate Households

Someone You Should Know: Yolanda Spiva

Voice: Linda Morgan: From Transformers to Twitter and Twerking

Feature: The Miley Effect: Do Celebrities Shape Kids' Values?

Out & About:
Turkey Trots: Last-Minute Thanksgiving Escapes for Seattle Kids and Families
Playlist: 6 Ways to Get Cooking With Your Kids
Gift Guide: 9 Holiday Traditions That Replace Materialism With Meaning

Education Matters
Giving Together
Family Health
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