ParentMap, October 2008 Issue

Published on: October 28, 2008

ParentMap October 2008 issue

Power up, parents! Put children and families first at the polls on Nov. 4. Our guide to the races and issues is here.

It's cabin-fever season in Seattle again - are the kids driving you nuts yet? This month's Ages & Stages features great ideas for boosting those family bonds - plus a few fun family projects, too!

Tug on those Uggs and haul the spuds out for a muddy walk through a fab urban park for a little green seasoning... 

...or blow outta the gray and head to where the sun shines. Our travel section will have you trading in your carpool and Palm Pilot for pools and palms of a different kind! 


Feature: Vote for us!

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    From our Readers: Letters to the Editor

    About this issue

    Dear Reader,

    Take a close look at this month's cover above. Seem familiar? We first ran this optimistic image four years ago. Back then, we hoped for the election of a president who believes that education and basic health care are at the core of America’s basic promise to all children. Bush’s record-breaking 70 percent disapproval rating probably understates the way we feel about our current state of affairs. His administration has failed and the feeling clearly cuts across party lines.

    My growing sense of shock and disgust about the current administration forces my hand: I am an unapologetic advocate for children. If that means I am a partisan Democrat, so be it! The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And our nation’s most tireless advocates for children have clear and factual documentation: When you put families first, you do not support or elect leaders who:

    • oppose reproductive choice — even in extreme circumstances
    • curtail freedom of speech, and support book banning
    • promote teaching creationism in public schools
    • oppose potentially lifesaving stem-cell research
    • favor abstinence-only sex education
    • believe climate change is not caused by human activity
    • mix religion and politics

    Eli and Barack ObamaLocally, we have fared better because of our “education champion” governor’s clear and mindful leadership and investment in education. The Children’s Alliance most appropriately listed Gov. Gregoire as a “Champion for Children,” noting her devotion to early childhood education and other children’s issues.

    Our feature (“Vote for us”) highlights important policies and the leaders who advance them. We urge you to find a way to roll up your own sleeves! Get involved in these final weeks, and educate your children about this monumentally important election and its impacts near and far.

    The photo (at your left) of my ever-growing (in both height and mind), politically astute activist son Eli and our (my deep hope and belief) next president causes me to work around the clock on their behalf. I pray that all of our children’s futures will be infinitely brighter under the forward-thinking leadership and wisdom of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

    I hope to go to bed on Nov. 4 rejoicing that We the People had the audacity to hope and cause real change. Our disbelief at McCain’s recklessness and political cynicism in selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate will finally end. We will then re-read the hugely popular email gone viral, “I’m a little confused," and say the closing words sincerely, rather than cynically: “OK, it’s all much clearer now!”

    — Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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