ParentMap, September 2011 Issue

Published on: August 29, 2011

August 2011 ParentMap Issue

This month, we're talking about food -- covering everything from the importance of eating together as a family, to the worry of coping with food allergies in schools, back-to-school lunch advice, and much more.

Our 2011 fall arts preview is finally here! Packed with plenty of picks for theatre performances around the Puget Sound, the fall arts preview includes a variety of kid-friendly shows for this upcoming season.

Also this month -- the Golden Teddy winners are in! And with over 6,000 votes, you certainly know your favorites when it comes to the very best for kids and families in the Seattle area.

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Ages & Stages:
0-2 Transitioning from baby bottle to cup
3-5 Coping with food allergies at school
6-10 Food allergies, diet and child behavior
11-18 Nutrition for a healthy teen

Out & About: 2011 fall arts preview

Getting School Ready: School lunches and nutrition

    Feature: Family dinners: Are they important?

    This month's Postings
    Mind + Body
    Giving Together
    Green Bites

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    About this issue

    Family mealMealtime magic
    Each year at this time I make a vow: I will cook healthy food and sit down as a family for meals as we do daily (but only!) in Michigan. (“Family dinners: Are they important?”)

    The crisp transition each year from our big extended family gathering at the end of summer on Lake Michigan to the September startup of school, activities and homework is daunting. The dozens of times this cycle occurs does not make the transition any easier. I have heart palpitations as I write this while sitting with more than a handful kids on the other side of my glorious screened in porch “office” walls.

    Each morning, this family pack shuffles in streams to the Whistle Stop as each age group rises and gets their coffee, granola yogurt or cinnamon chip muffins. We then hit the beach, chill until sunset, play ferocious team charades, and embrace the day’s grand finale, a BBQ for 20-plus. Glorious!

    September means we’ll have all gone our separate ways; back to the busy, hectic, demanding pace that shrouds our families’ school year existence. Surprisingly though, we all seem to quickly embrace this new order.

    The nightly chore of kids’ setting the table sets the stage for creating and reinforcing our family’s values and culture. But so many of us — between sports, homework and ever-expanding commitments — rarely make it to the dinner table together. “Are we losing invaluable opportunities to connect with our kids on many levels — socially, emotionally, spiritually and of course nutritionally?” writer Hilary Benson asks. We have our work ahead of us; our feature, “Breaking bread together,” has inspiring, yet simple guidelines for success.

    Success is the way you showed big love by casting thousands of votes (6300-plus, that is!) in our call for ParentMap’s 2011 Golden Teddy awards! You selected the best for families and it’s all in our Family Directory inside this issue.

    Wishing you a month of a few more family meals!



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