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ParentMap Wins 14 Prestigious Publishing Awards

MARCH 6, 2007

Suzanne Goren, Marketing Manager

ParentMap Wins 14 Prestigious Publishing Awards
“This is a publication with a sense of purpose. ParentMap offers compelling writing and strong content…this is THE parenting resource for the Seattle area.”

These are the summary comments from the judges at the annual Parenting Publications of America (PPA) conference who presented ParentMap with the Bronze award for General Excellence.

The PPA gave out more than 370 editorial, design and Web site  awards  at a banquet on March 3, 2007, the climax of the three-day PPA Annual Convention in Nashville, TN. Eighty parenting magazines from across the United States and Australia were represented.

PPA's Editorial and Design Awards Competition recognizes excellence in journalism, photography and design achieved by publishers, editors, writers and designers at member publications. University of Missouri's School of Journalism coordinated the annual contest. A panel of judges reviewed 1,184 entries this year (up from 1,048 last year) to choose the winners in each category. The 14 awards won by ParentMap this year exceeded awards won in 2005 (10) and 2006 (10). Alayne Sulkin, publisher, says “Thanks to our outstanding team of professionals we are able to produce an award-winning publication month after month, staying true to my original vision of being a publication with a sense of purpose and mission.”

Below are the highlights of the awards and comments presented in each category. ParentMap was the only Pacific Northwest Parenting Publication to win awards at the PPA Conference this year.

A summary of the Awards presented to ParentMap newsmagazine include:

General Excellence Bronze:

“ParentMap offers compelling writing and strong content.  They have unique articles about teaching teen parents, ‘Teaching Kindness and Empathy’ and ‘Teaching Peace.’  This is a publication with a sense of purpose.  The College Planner special section was full of helpful information. Cohesive design and informative photographs complete the package.”

Web Site General Excellence Gold:
“ParentMap is an outstanding parenting resource. The site is clean and simple, easy to navigate, and a gateway to a wealth of parenting information. Particularly strong is a bilingual calendar of events in the Puget Sound region. Content is clearly organized around major parenting topics, and the site encourages a great deal of reader interactivity. This is THE parenting resource for the Seattle area, and the site shows why.”

Front Cover/Glossy: Original Photography and Illustration Gold:
“This is a warm, inviting, accessible invitation to read the magazine. One can't help but smile along with the girls on the cover: Children having fun and enjoying themselves make an instant connection with parent readers.”

Interior Photography (original) Gold:
“Turning each page is a visual treat: beautiful photographs, generous display and great printing and reproduction. A good mix of fashion, accessories and explanatory text.”

Best Overall Use of Color Silver:
“This is a clean, beautiful publication. The color choices show restraint and attention to detail, especially in the department labels. The designers manage to stick to a limited palette and also match colors to specific content. The result is an elegant reading experience.”

Overall Design Gold:
“Superior quality makes ParentMap stand out from the rest. From the cover illustrations to the creative feature page designs to the solid typography, this publication is all about giving the reader the highest quality possible.”

Cover Writing Gold:
“The simple elegance of the cover lines on ParentMap iscreative and compelling. Putting the cover lines on the bottom wouldn’t work for commercial magazines on the newsstand, but it works exceptionally well for this publication. It helps avoid complex and confounding issues often seen in other magazines.”

Column- Briefs/Short Stuff Silver:
“Here was a good read in part because it was brief and tightly edited but mainly because it seemed to be written by one person and the voice of that writer came through. At times one brief fed off another very neatly, carrying the reader along and speaking to the reader as if part of an intelligent conversation. If that voice is identified with that feature issue after issue, readers will look forward to that much as they would a columnist.”

Travel Feature Silver:
“Vancouver: Here's a rare bit of close-to-home adventure, a border-crossing visit to a city that sure seems enticing. The "if you go" details are plentiful and specific.”

Service Feature Gold:
College Planner:“For a parent of any soon-to-be college student, this is a must-have section. It is comprehensive in its details about planning for and paying for college, as well as help in deciding which college experience and when is best for your teen. But behind the facts and figures is a human face with interviews with parents, college officials and private consultants. Writing is straightforward but not stiff, well-edited and organized.”

Ancillary Overall Writing (55K category) Bronze:
BabyMap. “Taking the complicated subject of how a baby's brain works and turning it into a readable, informative story is representative of the writing in this publication. Issues are thoroughly explored and experts interviewed to give readers a complete picture.”

Website Design Silver:
“ParentMap's Web design offers what it promises: a comprehensive map for parents to follow when looking for news and information that will help them as parents. Information is clearly organized and easy to find, and the Web site's color palette works as an organizational tool rather than being purely decorative.”

Website Content Silver:
“This is a strongly written magazine, with plenty of content for all age groups. Ages & Stages writing is particularly useful, giving parents useful information about particular age groups. Taste recipe section adds a dash of humor to what can often be a boring section. Use of local experts makes the writing particularly strong.”

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