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ParentMap wins 24 awards

ParentMap Wins 24 Prestigious Publishing Awards

“Jam-packed with actionable, interesting information, written in a way that keeps the reader”… these are the summary comments from the judges at the annual Parenting Publications of America (PPA) conference who presented ParentMap with a record 24 awards for editorial, design, and Web site excellence.

The PPA's Editorial and Design Awards Competition recognizes excellence in journalism, photography and design achieved by publishers, editors, writers and designers at member publications. The PPA gave out more than 400 Editorial and Design Competition awards to 78 parenting newspapers and magazines at a banquet on March 1, 2008, the climax of the three-day PPA Annual Convention in Little Rock, AR.

The 24 awards won by ParentMap this year exceeded awards won in 2006 (14) and 2005 (10), and included several Gold awards – the highest honor possible for a parenting publication. Among the Gold awarded to ParentMap: investigative journalism, for an examination of mothers’ rights in the workplace; writing awards for our Ages & Stages, Postings, and Review columns; design awards and Web site content and general excellence.

“Thanks to our outstanding team of professionals, we are able to produce an award-winning publication month after month, staying true to the original vision of being a publication with a sense of purpose and mission,” says Alayne Sulkin, ParentMap’s publisher. “Our focus this year on enhancing our Web site has pushed us into a leading role in this area among parenting magazines across the nation.”

That focus on the Web site includes the launch last week of ParentMap’s first-ever blog, G.P.S. (Great Parenting Stuff) which is now driving site traffic up by 40% percent (

Below are the highlights of the awards and comments presented in each category.

Editorial awards:

Column: Briefs: Silver: ParentMap, "Postings,"

Column: Reviews: Gold: ParentMap;

Column: Family matters: Gold: ParentMap, "Ages & Stages.

Column: Family fun: Silver: ParentMap; "Out and About,"

Travel feature: Silver: ParentMap, “Tree houses, caves, and volcanoes—oh my!”

Personal essay: Bronze: ParentMap, "A heartbreaking need for clean water"

Investigative reporting: Gold: ParentMap; "Mothers' Rights"

Special section within a publication: Bronze: ParentMap, Ages and Stages \

Ancillary feature writing: Bronze: ParentMap's "BabyMap;"

Ancillary overall writing: Silver: ParentMap's "SummerMap

Design awards:

Front cover – original illustration: Bronze: ParentMap – “Protecting your child”

Front cover – original illustration: Silver: ParentMap – “A Heart for the arts”

Interior photography - Silver: ParentMap; “Fatherhood now”

Table of contents: Bronze: ParentMap

Overall use of typography: Gold: ParentMap

Infographics: Gold: ParentMap

Special section: Silver: ParentMap "Gift Guide"

Overall design: Bronze: ParentMap

Ancillary cover: Silver: ParentMap, "BabyMap"

Ancillary feature design: Silver: ParentMap, "Family Directory"

Ancillary feature design: Gold: ParentMap, "BabyMap"

Web site awards:

Web site design: Silver:

Web site content: Gold:

Web site general excellence: Gold:

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